Virtue Squad October 2014

Great Things never came from comfort zones.

Team Stats

Team Sales: $6722.00

Parties: 14

New Team members: 1

Party Average: $480

Total Qualified Consultants: 5

Total Team: 8

Kathy's Stats

PV $2703.50

Parties 5

Recruits 5

Pay at Consultant Level $675.87

Pay at Director Level $877.56

Welcome to the team!

Let's extend a warm Virtue Squad welcome to Brigitte Taylor from NJ. Brigitte, we are so happy you chose our team to build your dreams with! We wish you all of the success in the world!

Spring Product Premiere

Whoooooo is EXCITED?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I am, you can't tell can you? November 16th 12:30 in theaters around the country! Don't forget to print your E-Ticket and take it with you. You will need it to get in and need it for your AMMENITY. I heard some newness, I can share but, you will be in LOVE this spring I can guarantee!

Ready, Set Sell!

Ladies, DO NOT WAIT FOR DECEMBER TO BOOK DECEMBER! Repeat after me, "I will not wait until December 1 to book December parties!" Get it done NOW to ensure the Biggest Best RSS in the history of RSS's. I have heard this is the BIGGEST. Don't miss out get it for FREE!!!! Book 3-4 parties to get the $1200 level.

December Shipping Cut Off

Get your orders in by December 10th for GUARANTEED shipping before Christmas!

Party Themes

Thirty-One Today has some fantastic themes to kick off our holiday season of partying! Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Crockpot Recipe Share
  • Tailgating ( Half-Time 31 Show)
  • Cookie Swap
  • Ugly Sweater Party

Pop-Up Hostess Exclusive

Effective Monday, Nov. 17 at 8 a.m. EST, the Deluxe Utility Tote Bundle will no longer be available and instead, your Hostesses can choose a…Suite Success Tote! Her choices will be between two:
  • Suite Success Tote in Big Dot
  • Suite Success Tote in Denim Herringbone

The Suite Success Totes will only be $65 and includes personalization!

Consultant In the Spotlight: Sonia Johnson

It has been 1 year since I joined the Thirty-One Sisterhood! The journey has had some ups an downs but the best part of it all I have grown though it all as a person. My original why was just to pay for dance for Emily an help with the "extras" that my income always paid for while I was working but then I was laid off an that income ended, as a result just as many other families things had to be put on hold or we had to just cut back. Well after I went to conference my WHY changed. I still want to do all of those things but one thing I wasn't doing was being me. Cindy at conference was just sitting on stage the last day an asked all of us Who got to be you this week? Who hung up all those other roles an titles an got to be who they really are? That was my aha moment. I broke down an I started to cry. Whoever thought one person with such an awesome journey could just ask one simple ? an make me feel so touched. Well Cindy was right I did get to be me. As a mother, spouse an ever other role I play I lost track of who I was. I lost track of what my purpose was. I changed the way I looked at things an decided that yes I still have other roles to full fill an other titles to be but if I am not me then how can I be those other me's. Thirty-One has brought me to a place within myself that I haven't seen in a while. A place where I can be creative, fun, loving, caring, inspiring, helpful an just me. I have had no success for 2 years finding that "job" since my lay off that will give me an income. I pray an I ask God to someday allow me to use Thirty-One so I don't have to keep looking for that additional income. That its more then extras I can pay for me but help with half or more then half of the household bills. Thirty-One has so much potential for each one of us ladies. It has so much opportunity to be so much we just have to open our hearts an be positive that Thirty-One will be everything we want it to be. I encourage everyone of us to look at who we are an look at what we want an make every dream we have with Thirty-One come true. Just as Cindy's favorite quotes is "If you can dream then you can do it" Walt Disney.

Notes from Kathy

I recently had a talk with our SED, Erin Putney. I expressed to her that I wanted to get to know each of my team members and know exactly what each of you want from your business. Is it a hobby, is it your soul source of income, is it to provide the FUN, philanthropy, ME time. What is it that your business provides for you? Then it dawned on me I also need to know what kind of Leader you want me to be for YOU? Do you want weekly check ins, monthly check in's, no check in's. This is a new experience for me. I am still learning how to do this Director thing. What kind of Director do you want me to be? I can have all the goals in the world for our team but, if they do not match your goals neither of us will be successful. So here goes this is the vision for my business:

  • Financial:

My goal is to finish providing daycare in September 2015.
I need to make the same amount of money each month to only work 1 job.

  • Family:
    My Children deserve a Mom that can take them to school, go on field trips, help in the classroom. I decided to be a Stay at Home Mom 9 years ago, so I could do those things.
  • Philanthropy:
    My ultimate goal is to do charity work. My passion and purpose in life is to help others achieve their dreams and goals.
  • Long Term:
    Leadership, I would love to keep growing our team and working my way up the ranks of leadership. I want to help YOU develop your own team and successful business, if that is what you see in your business vision.

When you think about creating a vision board for your business think about these types of goals:

  • Spiritual
  • Self
  • Family
  • Long Term
  • Short Term
  • Leadership

You may have other types of goals. Let's set up one on one calls, meetings, chats. So that I can get to know you personally and from a business vision stand point. We are all in this together!

Wishing you a fantastic November ladies! Lets make it a great one!