Hernandez Middle School Pep Squad

Believe the Hype

Welcome to a new semester! I am so excited that you have decided to continue on in the Hype. Please remember that this is the groups first year. I have learned a lot and there is still soooo much more we can do together. I appreciate the hard work and dedication it took to make it this far. Please take note of the announcements and upcoming events below.


Saturday, January 25th is the day set aside to recognize and showcase the cheer programs active in RRISD. Our own Bulldog Cheerleaders will be performing at this event. I would really like all the girls to come out and support the cheerleaders. This year Fusion will be held at the Kelly Reeves Athletics Complex on Parmer Ln. I can not get a bus to take all the kids there, so I will need parents to volunteer to bring them. I am working on purchasing the tickets for every girl to attend. The tickets are $3 for anyone over the age of 5. I would love for the parents to come out as well. We will dress out, bring our pom poms, and be ready to support our cheerleaders.

This is also a great opportunity for the girls to see what cheer looks like, not only at other middle schools, but also at a high school level as well. I do not want them to miss out on this opportunity. Please follow the link below to get more detailed information about this event.

Date: 1/25/2014

Start Time: 7:00pm

Snack Schedule

The snack sign up sheet went out today. I really need each parent to sign up for snacks this semester. If you brought snacks for the girls last semester I REALLY appreciate it, and I know the girls did also. Thank you so much for ensuring our girls are well provided for.

Please make sure you read the dates listed on the sign up to ensure you chose the time frame that works for you as they are not all in order.


Please see the calendar on our page for game and practice days. I will include them below as well:


Jan. 14 Practice LS Shirt and black Shorts

Jan. 23 Game/ Picture day DKC Shirt and Jeans

Jan. 25 Fusion DKC Shirt and Jeans

Jan. 27 Game LS Shirt and Jeans

Jan. 28 Practice DKC Shirt and black shorts

Feb. 3 Game DKC Shirt and Jeans

Feb. 4 Practice LS Shirt and black shorts

Feb. 10 Game DKC Shrit and jeans

Feb. 11 Practice LS shirt and black shorts

Feb. 18 Practice DKC shirt and black shorts

Feb. 20 Practice LS shirt and black shorts

Feb. 23 Austin Toros Game DKC Shirt and Jeans

Feb. 27 Practice LS shirt and black shorts

Picture Day

THE YEARBOOK WANTS TO GIVE US A PAGE! How exciting is that? This year the HYPE will be recognized in the yearbook. This is no small accomplishment. The yearbook only has a certain number of pages and for them to give us one is a huge honor. All clubs are not recognized in the yearbook.

We are scheduled to take pictures next Thursday, which is a game day. We will meet in Ms. Lacey's room and then will head over to where we will take our photograph. Attire for that day will be the "DKC" shirt blue jeans and hair bows.

Austin Toros Halftime Performance

I am SOOOO excited that the HYPE has the opportunity to perform at an Austin Toros game during half time! What an amazing way for our girls to grow and Show off their new skills. We will combine our efforts with the cheerleaders.

Over the next few weeks, our practices will be dedicated to learning a new dance routine. I will be emailing a copy of the music home as soon as I have a finished cut. There will also be youtube links to the choreography so the girls can practice at home. We want to make a good impression on the Toros crowd, so we will need to work really hard.

We will be selling tickets to this event. Once I finalize the ticket price I will send out a mass communication so that all your family and friends can come and watch your HYPE member on a the "BIG STAGE."

Also, we will also be getting a mentoring day with the fabulous Capital City Dancers, the official cheer and dance team of the Austin Toros. They will be coming out to work with our girls and give them pointers on choreography, gaining crowd involvement, and all things cheer.

Please see the calendar above for specific dates.

Chocolate Sales

If your HYPE member took extra boxes of chocolate right before the new year, I need all money or chocolate returned at this time. I must close out or chocolate sale which means that I have to return all earned money. Please speak with her HYPE member to verify if they have any unsold chocolate or money they need to turn in. I need this by tomorrows practice.