Let's Do This

I WANT THE BOOTS! Should I get black or red?

My Motto for January

Hello Ladies! You are getting this newsletter because you have expressed interest in this awesome incentive or I am putting it in front of you to challenge you this year! Either way you win! This is the month all of our businesses are going to soar. I am going to tell you week by week what I am doing and I want you to do the same. I invite you to write down your goals and text or email be back. Then at the end of the week (Friday) we will connect and see how you did! A great way to hold us all accountable! You will hear from me each week with month with tips and motivation. Here we go!

Many of you I have already talked to and have time scheduled with others! Reach out if you want to talk and game plan we can schedule a call! We are stronger together.

This month I am getting out of my comfort zone - big time!!! You will not get new results with old actions.

My Focus This Week

-Sample Sets and Skin Kits - put 4 in mail and follow up

- 1:1's with Kristine

- Coaching Calls

-Client Followups | Reorders with Newsletter

-Reaching out to 5 people about the opportunity.

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Recruiting - If you don't ask the answer is always NO!

We all have that one person we want to ask but never do. We don't know how to or we have not talked to them since college! Well here is a little message I sent and got a response back within 2 hours! Feels good! Sent out samples and we have a dialogue going. Please note: I did send out 2 others and have not heard back. But what I will do is a follow up and ask them " did you get my message? I didn't mean to throw you off but would have kicked myself if I didn't ask"

Here is the message! Feel free to use and make it your own. Sometimes we need a starting point!

Happy New Year Anna!! I know this will seem like it is out of left field but I have to be honest with you...every time I see you post something on social media I still can't help thinking about you and Beautycounter. I have to throw this in your court, and you can tell me to buzz off that's totally fine but you need to know about this brand that is changing the landscape of the beauty industry. You are strikingly beautiful - genuine and you obviously care about health, wellness and making healthier choices for your body. Beautycounter has been my part-time hustle for the last year (Creative Director on the other half) and I usually don't talk numbers with others, but I want to be transparent. I am making some really good money (you can use $XX, what you expect to make or it is your fun money)...for doing part time work doing something I love. There's no reason in the world that this couldn't be you. So many of your gals are already connected with BC and loving the products - Chris, Steph, LIz and I know you have a big network in TX too! So there you have it, take it or leave it and I completely understand if you just aren't into giving this a try - but you honestly have nothing to lose and you'll have an amazing group of girls here to coach you and mentor you along the way! Bottom line, I want you on my team and as a partner in this business!! I don't throw this out to many becuase I am looking for a certain woman - motivated, health driven and passionate and I know you are just that! OK - End of rant and I hope I didn't throw you for too big of a loop:) Take care babe, Kelli

Put those goals down on paper!

If you can't see it, you won't do it! Put your pen to paper and put your goals out into the universe. Here are mine! I have also time blocked my calendar this month so I know what I am doing and when. Keeps me a little more focused!

Share your goals with me - message me, text or email!!!

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I don't usually post a lot but this year I am going to! I am always afraid but after I posted this in my group page I got 3 takers on samples! Next I am going to post on my page and see what happens! Post on your personal page, in your group page or ask tag someone in a post! Don't get hung up if you don't have a group page - it took me 6 months to get mine up and going. Set a goal to post 2 times a week - once about BC and once about health related content.

Here is what I wrote!

Sample Monday! Time to clean up your beauty routine along with your New Years Resolution to health! New Year = Beauty Bag Detox! Let's go!

I'm here to steer you in the right direction for safe swaps and make your Monday a little brighter! I have THREE Beautycounter Essentials ready to go out the door today! No charge - just the promise that you will start considering the safety of your personal care products. Be curious, read labels, empower yourself with information! Remember it’s all about progress, not perfection.

Who wants one?! Shoot me a message or comment below! If you have been watching and wondering what the Beautycouter fuss is all about, try it for yourself. Believe me, you will love it:)

To learn more about our mission at Beautycounter visit ------------>www.beautycounter.com/kelliweber

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Ask for Referrals

Like minded people usually have likeminded friends! Ask for referrals and see what happens - you may get a few names out of it or peak their interest that they should be selling to their friends and not you! See what happens.

Here is what I wrote to a loyal BC, customer.

Thank you for going through your brain for a few referrals! Okay -here are some points to think on as you are going through your rolidex in your mind:) Here is the skinny - you know Beautycounter is a newer startup company, which means we have so many amazing cities and communities that are not yet developed. As of right now, there's only ONE active consultant in Iowa City, which just blows my mind.

So - my question is...who do you know within your network that may be any one of the following:

~ is looking for something to call their own

~ maybe unfulfilled at their current job

~ wanting to make a financial contribution to their family

~ maybe wants to replace their full time income

~ a new mother who wants more time with her kids

~ Passionate about health/wellness

~ networked or has a following or is an influencer

The list could go on and on and obviously anyone could jump in with Beautycounter and do really well with the business. If you can think of anyone in your network that I should reach out to, I'd super appreciate it and will certainly reward you with some free BC goodies should anyone of your referrals decide to take the leap! Someone has a really large opportunity to build a big business in Iowa City and I'd love to help get someone going/growing this business. And trust me - this isn't something I would have ever in a million years saw myself doing...its just something I couldn't ignore from a health perspective. I know you feel the same because you are in the same field! Thank you so much and have an awesome week!

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Don't give up! If I would have given up 3 months in I was making $250! I hope to inspire you to go for it and don't look back! I challenge you to go aim a little higher, work a littler harder and shine bright with confidence. Because you are FABULOUS! Go get em' babes!

Kelli Weber | Beautycounter Senior Director

Let's do this ladies! I believe in all of you and I know you are all going to put it all on the line this month!
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