From Cowhide To Footballs

By: Grady Deering


Do you know how to make a football? These three paragraphs will tell you all about it. These are the three paragraphs, Where the ball comes from, How the ball is made, Fun facts about football.

Where The Ball Comes From

Where the ball comes from. The ball comes from cowhide and pig skin.The cowhide and pig skin gets shipped to the factory. Then at the factory they make the ball at the factory.

How The Ball Is Made

How the ball is made. A stamping machine stamps the brand and the logo on it.A 15 second steam softens the cowhide or pig skin.There are 2 inside pieces and 2 outside pieces.They so 2 inside pieces and 2 outside pieces together.

Fun facts about football

Fun facts about football.They changed the look to look more like a watermelon.Players in the first football game used a round ball like in soccer.


I chose this topic because i want to learn how to make a football.
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