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Cleanliness helps industry reduce liability

One of costliest issues facing major industries today is the risk of liability on the job site.

Whether workers are in an assembly plant, an airport or even on an oil rig, cleaning still has to be done. But can keeping things at their cleanest actually help reduce liability and prevent accidents? It can.

Running a tight ship isn’t just good business, it’s smart money management. This is why larger companies and corporations typically put such a premium on clean job sites, because they know once things gets sloppy, accident rates quickly increase.

That pattern has been observed in hospitals, schools and government offices. When standards drop, lawsuits seem to inevitably follow. And it isn’t just a matter of the floors being more slick, or accumulated junk creating a tripping hazard. It’s a mindset of being a bit too lackadaisical overall. It’s a form of cutting corners that can almost be contagious, and one that eventually arrives with a cost attached.

The added risk it invites is what prompts most large corporations to keep a tight protocol on cleaning schedules, and even replacing light bulbs briskly when they expire. It’s a function of keeping the work area well lit and clean, and to keep everyone in a more professional mindset.

Effective degreasers go along way in assisting with slips and falls, as the right floor scrubber liquids can offer a noticeable difference. IPAX’s super-concentrated formulas bring an industrial-strength clean while remaining environmentally friendly cleaners.

IPAX products are trusted across the world’s largest industries, from energy and transportation to manufacturing and even waste management. In recycling plants, airport terminals and sports stadiums, IPAX products are implemented to keep things clean, and keep people safe.

Some environments are naturally more risky than others, and there again corporations turn to IPAX to help ensure industrial-strength cleaning to reduce liability. Plus our reputation for providing solvent alternative products that are less harsh on the immediate surroundings, and therefor much more pleasing to the employees who encounter it.

The super-concentrated levels available now through IPAX formulations have shattered previous industry standards. This allows for considerable savings through cleaning solutions which can diluted in water at greater capacity than ever before. This means ordering less product, quarter after quarter and year after year. IPAX is the famous name in the industry of Lubricant Chemicals solution providers. We offer environmental cleaning and general cleaning facility to maintain the clearness of your city.

Running a tight ship helps companies not only avoid greater liability, it improves employee satisfaction, aids with PR concerns and - above all - offers a cleaner, safer place for everyone to work.