Corps of Discovery

By: Elizabeth Simcoe

Meriwether Lewis

-Was an American explorer

-Thomas Jefferson asked him to lead an expedition through the Louisiana Purchase

-He kept a journal of new plants and animals that he discovered

-Lewis almost died many times during the expedition

William Clark

-William Clark was an experienced soldier and outdoorsman

-Lewis invited Clark to come on the expedition with him

-Drew maps for over 8,000 miles of the west


-Sacagawea was part of the expedition and used to help translate with Native Americans

-Helped translate, find food, and served as a peace symbol

-Recognized her brother as the chief of the Shoshone and helped Lewis and Clark trade for horses

Louisiana Purchase

-The United States purchased 828,000,000 square miles of land from France

-Was from the Mississippi river to the Rocky Mountains

-Jefferson made a really good deal, it was about three cents an acre

Thomas Jefferson

-Made the Louisianna Purchase

-Sent Lewis and Clark on an expedtion to explore the new land

-Jefferson asked for $2,500-$50,000 from the government to fund the expedition

Fort Mandan

-The Corps of Discovery stayed here for the winter

-The indians were nice to Lewis and Clark and they traded, hunted, and repaired their equipment

-Lewis and Clark met Charbonneau, a fur trader, at Fort Mandan


-Lewis and Clark were the first white men that the Shoshone had ever seen

-Sacagawea recognized her brother, Cameahwait, as the chief

-Cameahwait traded horses to them so they could cross the mountains

Nez Perce

-The Nez Perce helped the Corps of Discovery build canoes, traded with them, and cared for them for several days

-Lewis and Clark traded and gave the Nez Perce guns

-Met the tribe both ways of the journey

Great Falls

-The Great Falls is a series of waterfalls in the Missouri River

-Was one of the most challenging parts of the expedition

-Many members of the Corps of Discovery were ill during this time, including Sacagawea

Northwest Passage

-The Northwest Passage was a series of rivers that crossed the western mountains and reach the pacific ocean

-The passage did not actually exist and was never found

-The Corps of Discovery were looking for the Northwest Passage


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