by miguel garza

is vaping bad for you?

No it is not bad to vape because if you get the vape juice with out nicotine it is basically food. It is better than smoking because your not smoking tobacco and all the toxic chemicals from cigarettes.
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this image shows a guy vaping in the streets of California were they are trying to ban it on the streets
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this shows a guy on the job vaping and no other people are being affecetd
vaping is bad because it can harm the human body with the smoke you inhale. vaping is targeting the younger population with the vibrant flavors. another one is that some chase clouds.
some background information vaping saves thousands of lives each year from smoking. its more heather for you then smoking because you're not inhaling all the toxins for the cigarette. there are tons of different flavors some you cant even imagine. If you don't take care of your batters you use they can blow up in the vape.