Cold War

Ins and outs of the cold war


After World War II was over the U.S. Entered into a sort of competition of who was better with the Soviet Union. So the U.S. Flaunting their greatness is the first to put a man on the moon in response to the Soviet Union being the first to put a probe on the moon. Then surrounding countries begin to side with each country depending on if they where pro democratic or pro communist. Then things escalated as the U.S. Develops the first atomic nuclear weapon and drops them on pro communist Japan.

Events of the Cold War

The space race, in attempt to prove who was better the U.S. And Soviet Union began to invest heavily their space exploration programs.

The arms race was similar to the space race but instead the two countries invested in the military arsenal

The Berlin blockade was a wall put up around Berlin by the Soviet Union to try and push the U.S. Out of Berlin

The Berlin airlift was the U.S. Response to the Berlin blockade, which was to just drop supplies via aircraft

Events during the Cold War

War at home, the war at home was harsh with low supply and high demand

Red scare the red scare was the fear of communism in the United States

Containment is the U.S. response to communism and it attempt to keep it from spreading

Hydrogen bomb the U.S. Tested their first hydrogen bomb in 1952

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