Europe's feudal social system

BY: Kenneth Hernandez

Europe's Feudal system

Europe's Feudal system has four main social classes. At the bottom there are the serfs followed by the knights, and above that there are the nobles and at the very top the kings take place.

Europe's culture

In Europe there was a manor system, and the manor system was a piece of land that belonged the king. The manor system had these things manor house, a village, church, farm and watermill. The manor house was the castle of the manor system in the castle the king lived there, the manor house was made out of stone which was good for protection. The village was filled with huts and houses that were for the serfs to live in, but the houses were not that big because the serfs were not rich. Churches were for religiousness, the knights were usually Christian so the churches were good for that. Farms were used for farming and raising live stock, that were ran by serfs. Lastly there was the watermill, the water mill was for the serfs to grind grain, and a fun fact is that the serfs had to pay to grind the grain.