Casey Ptacek

The right choice

I started playing the flute in 6th grade. I was originally suppossed to play the trumpet, but I decided that wasnt my passion. My heart has been set on the flute ever since I heard the beautiful instrument play. In the 5th grade I went to try out the flute just to make sure that it was the instrument for me. I was really happy and excited until a lady, who has played the flute for many years, said I probably shouldn't play the flute because the way my lips were shaped. She told me it would be hard for me to play and that I wouldnt be very good at it. My mom said not to listen to her though, and Im glad I didn't. Now, thanks to following what I believe in, I am first chair honors band!


Playing an instrument in front of a crowd is usually very difficult for most people, unless you have been doing it for many years. I have done a couple of solos throughout middle school, but majority of my playing in front of an audience has been with the whole band. I always get shakey and nervous before I play alone, but I just have to end up trusting that all of my practicing has paid off. Solos are definately not my favorite thing about band, but it definately makes you a stronger player.


Band is one big happy family, most of the time. Practice is tough but is always worth all the effort. My band director, Mrs.Redus, pushes us to do well and always tells us what we need to improve on. She cares abut us and we care about her. If some people dont do very good in a concert we all are affected by it. Band means a lot to me and everytime I practice with everyone I can't help but smile. We are a team and a family. It really doesnt get better than that!

Now :)

I love playing the flute, and being first chair means a lot! Band is amazing too, even if it can be tough at times. It's my happy place. No matter what, band will always be an important part of my life! If you follow your dreams you never know where they will take you!
I got these pictures from google images, and Can Stock! :)