Hungry Hungry Hippocrates! I'm hungry for your vote !

About him...

He was born in Cos, Greece in 460 b.c. , he passed away about 370 b.c.. He died in Larissa, Thessaly. He often stated ; "Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always'" but his most famous quote was; "Science is the father of knowledge, but opinion breeds ignorance".

Impacts and contributions he had on the Greek society

Hippocrates was the inspiration of Plato. He was the father of medicine. Hippocrates made observations of diseases and thier effects and understanding how heath often is influenced by diet.

Why Him ?

Hippocrates is the guy for the job because ... not only was he the father of medice he believed in no harm unto those in need. I.E according to the Oath a physician is required to swear to use his knowledge only to save a life; not to take; not to cause abortion; maintain a profesional relationship with patients; and not to reveal secrets given to him by patients. He also contributed to a significant body pf medical writtings. who knows with out him maybe we would have all died the first time we got the flu...
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