Taylor Regenwether, Block 4


3 physical properties for oxygen in the gas state are odorless, tasteless, and colorless. 3 chemical properties for oxygen are the boiling point: -183 °C, the melting point is: -219 °C, and it's density is 1.429 kg/m3 at 20°C. Oxygen is found in the atmosphere, it is everywhere around us and takes up 22% of the air. Oxygen is sometimes used to make acids, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and other compounds. It is applied to help make some chemical reactions. Water is a common compound of oxygen and hydrogen. More compounds of oxygen are acetone, methanol, and ethanol. Iron is burned away by high pressure streams of oxygen to create steel. Isotopes of oxygen are O-16, O-17, O-18. If someone or a child is using oxygen in a room, smoking is prohibited. When cooking be careful with too much oxygen because oxygen is very reactive with a flame.

Oxygen Turns Around

There once was a 16 year old boy named Oxygen. His boiling point was -183 °C, which makes him a very angry young boy. You did not want to mess with Oxygen he could destroy anyone like a low fire turning into a huge powerful flame. He never knew what he was put on earth to do, but he was sure there was no other reason than to be the hot head he was and make other people's lives miserable.

There were many kids in his gym class that he could not stomach most of the time. Methanol had asthma and had lead feet when he ran, Ethan(Ethanol) always had the sniffles, and Ace(Acetone) as the biggest suck up to Mrs. Taylor. They would run 2 laps everyday before gym class started and Oxygen was always too above everyone to actually run and do as he was told, so he walked the 2 on a daily.

It was a Monday hot morning at BHS when everyone hit the track, girls in their short shorts, guys in their muscle tees. While everyone was just getting done with their two laps and Oxygen was getting done walking his first, he sees Methanol go down and not get back up. Oxygen did not even know he went down and before he knew it, he was over their curing him back to aid. Methanol would not have lived if it wasn't for Oxygen to help because of the serious asthma attack. Oxygen had found what he was meant to do on this Earth and instead of bringing people down, it was to help people.