Your Jumpstart Begins Tomorrow!!

I will be sending out an email each day of the jumpstart with a newsletter containing information that I hope you find useful. There is a video that Shari and I have selected for each day that is either inspirational or informative. Please find some time to listen to them. Most of the videos are a couple minutes long and the longest is 18 minutes. Some of the videos will answer questions or give you the information to answer other people's questions when they ask you about what you are doing.

For tomorrow:

1. Don't forget your biometrics appointment.

2. After your biometrics, I will have my laptop by the exit with a spreadsheet to record your numbers. It will not be labeled with your name to keep your information confidential. Just remember what row number you placed your information in so when you have your 2nd biometrics it will line up to the right person.

3. Your 10-day jumpstart begins Monday evening for dinner. Which pre-packaged meal you eat is up to you. Pick the meal you want that evening and follow the directions on how to heat thoroughly. The first day jumpstart newsletter will have a short video with 5 tips to heating your food plus the daily video.

4. To avoid temptation to eat something that is not part of the plan, keep some snacks on hand such as hummus and carrots, fresh fruit, and roasted potatoes. This is not a deprivation or starvation diet. If you are hungry, eat. Just make sure it is Whole Food Plant Based No Oil WFPBNO.


Shari and I are here to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to ask us, either in person or via email. Questions can be emailed to our school email accounts or you can write to eatplantslove@gmail.com.

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