Mass Murder Of The Jews

Dontez Tounkara


Adolf Hitler was under leadership from 1933 to 1945. The Country itself wages an increasingly hostile campaign of hatred towards their own Jewish population. The event happened due to the widespread hatred for the Jewish faith and all that believed in that. The outbreak of war in 1939 brought one of Europe's largest Jewish communities. When this happened the Nazi soldiers where unsure about what to do with the undesirables. This Tragic event happened in Germany.
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There are many portrayals on what should have been done to the Jews. In general the media agreed that Nazis where wrong and out of place for how cruel they treated the Jews. When the news reporters went to the camps to see what was being done they where in shock they said. One of the reporter said that torture wasn't even what it should be called because it was worse than that. The overall portrayal of media in the U.S. was looking at in the eyes of the victims. In Germany they probably thought it was right.
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Throughout the whole article that i read. The people were overall pretty two sided on the whole thing. In Germany of course they are taught to think and feel certain ways about things. Now in the U.S. looking at it in a different way we see it as horrible and actually see what is going on. In Germany they people are Sheltered from what is actually being done to the Jews
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The type of Criticism that i see throughout all of the article when i was doing my research would have to be either historical or cultural criticism. It is historical because the event is very well know and people tell stories about what they think should of happened and what actually happened. It is also cultural because it had to with religion and what people believed.
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I feel like the Jews where totally in the wrong for the whole thing. I think just because you believe something doesn't mean that everyone else has to and should be punished for not agreeing with it, I think that Adolf Hitler killing himself was the best thing that he could have done. He would have either gotten the death sentence or got killed by someone else. I think the whole event is horrible and should have never occurred in the first place.
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