Rivers and Streams

By: Kier O'Connell

This is a map of the rivers all over the world.

The Nile river is an example of a river.

This is a picture of the nile river.

Organisms in rivers and streams are Muskrats, Hellbenders, and River Cooters.

Algae, Bulrushes, and Cattails are plants/producers in rivers and streams.

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Muskrat Hellbender River Cooter

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Algae Bulrushes Cattails

These Organisms live in rivers and streams.

This is a River food chain.


1. The problem is pollution

2. We should be concerned because if we dont have any possible fresh water to drink then well all die out.

3.This is occuring ALL over the world.

4.The human activity cause is dumping stuff into rivers.

5. The solution is to get rid of your trash properly.