Computer Hardware

Nick browning

Hard Drive & SSD

the are two types of hard drive components. there is a hard drive and a Solid State Drive (SSD). the difference between these two hard drives is that an SSD is smaller, thinner, more relible and more efficient but the only bad thing about is that its more expensive than a hardrive. a hard drive is bigger, fatter, less reliable, less efficient but it is cheper than SSD

Optical Drive

An optical drive is either a Blue Ray or DVD reader.they are commonly used in DVD players, some computers and even consoles. an optical drive reads the disk inside the CD-ROM and consumes the data from the disk to give us the information we need to watch a movie, play a game on the computer or even to play a game on a PS3 or an XBOX


a monitor is a electronic visual display for every computer. a monitor is almost the same as a flat screen television because they are both used for the same function as each other.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory and it is to temporarily store computer data. when you copy something on your computer , it doesnt get stored on your hardrve but the RAM instead.

this means that when your computer or laptop gets turned off, you will not be able to access the copied picture or text because it was temporarily saved on your Ram. the more GB you have on your RAM means that you can hold more applications still be fast.