Got Sick Plants?

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Did you know that the majority of plant issues start at the root?

We have discovered that a lot of plants are like people. Our roots are our insides while a plant's roots to them, are an example of our insides. If there are health problems within the plant itself that is where it will be. When we purchased the 27 Hibiscus this past weekend, as we stood there people gave their diagnostic as to why the plants looked that way. "They just need water," the majority of the people passing by said. I personally have been healing HIbiscus for 2 years now and can see things most people would overlook. Like for instance, a wilted leaf is not always a sign of dehydration, it's a sign of a rotted root, or a fungi issue and sometimes both. A simple fix that sometimes works is 16 oz of household bleach and 32 oz of water. If your plant doesn't perk up with in 24 hours than you need to clean the roots with water and spray the pot out really good before applying new soil. We recommend the product below to add in the water of a plant before it's rooted and retransplanted.

Some really cool facts!

  1. Hibiscus flowers are used as a tea to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure while having multiple health benefits.
  2. The leaves of the Hibiscus when boiled and placed on the lower abdomen of women suffering contractions, eases the pain.
  3. The petals of Hibiscus are used in water to raise immunity. You can ice it for refreshment! ( full blossom or dried petals can be used after middle steman area is removed and wash thoroughly)
  4. Hibiscus like 3 hours of full morning sun and 3 hours of indirect afternoon sun. They can only tolerate the full sun in their natural climate of Hawaii.
  5. The life a Hibiscus can be extended upto 40 years or more! They have actually been handed down generations in some families!

Healing Hands Plant Rehabilitation and Garden

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