Andrew Jackson

Good or bad president?

The help of Jackson

When the British was trying to take over the New Orleans port that was purchased by France, they were really bugging the Americans and they didn't want them to have anything to do with their economy and society. So, Andrew Jackson strongly helped with better weapons to help defeat the British in the war of 1812.

Difference between good and bad President

The reason why a lot of people and me think that Jackson is a good President is, Washington and some of the other king-like Presidents were raised in a wealthy family and life was good for them. Jackson basically grew up an orphan, his father died before he was born and his mother died shortly after he was born.

Benefiting everyone

Jackson can "see people"

Jackson has made it possible for poor men to vote as well as the wealthy men, making more votes and more opinions. It is beneficial because more input is always better when selecting the best President, then it makes the poor men equal in power. He canceled the national bank because he didn't like the fact it was only benefiting the rich and he spread equal money and power to each state bank. He is a great guy! Not as strict dress codes and rules and grew up poor like a lot of the citizens.