battle of verdun memorial

Destin Monaghan and Reinaldo Tixta

Battle of verdun

Sunday, Dec. 18th 191 at 12pm to Tuesday, Dec. 18th 1917 at 11:45pm

Verdun, France

Verdun, Lorraine

The Battle of Verdun was known in its time for its duration, spanning for more than 300 days. Never before has there been such a lengthy battle, involving so many men. Situated on a tiny piece of land; The battle was about ten square kilometers. From a strategic point of view there can be no justification for these atrocious losses. The battle eventually just devolved into a fight between two prestigious nations.

france leaders: Joseph joffre, Noel de Castelnau, Robert Nivelle.

german leaders: Erich von Falkenhayn, Max von Gallwitz, Crown Prince Wilhelm.

Additional well known people from the battle: Charles mangin, Ewald von Lochow.

The winner of the battle was France

# of French troops: 1,140,000

# of German troops: 1,250,000

French casualties: 542,000

German casualties: 434,000

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An Anecdote From a Soldier

...When you hear the whistling in the distance your entire body preventively crunches together to prepare for the enormous explosions. Every new explosion is a new attack, a new fatigue, a new affliction. Even nerves of the hardest of steel, are not capable of dealing with this kind of pressure. The moment comes when the blood rushes to your head, the fever burns inside your body and the nerves, numbed with tiredness, are not capable of reacting to anything anymore. It is as if you are tied to a pole and threatened by a man with a hammer. First the hammer is swung backwards in order to hit hard, then it is swung forwards, only missing your scull by an inch, into the splintering pole. In the end you just surrender. Even the strength to guard yourself from splinters now fails you. There is even hardly enough strength left to pray to God....


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