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Bi- Monthly Parent Newsletter 10/1/22: Homecoming Edition!

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Need to Talk

If your scholar needs someone to talk to or need help resolving conflict, they should see their grade level counselor first. If you notice something and need some help you call 404.802.6700 then choose the appropriate prompt..

  • Ms. Fisher - 6th
  • Mr. Dodson - 7th
  • Ms. Brinson - 8th

Another resource we have is Family Ties. If you would like them to participate in individual or group counseling, please complete the parent consent form below and send to Mr. Nelson , our social worker at qushon.nelson@atlanta.k12.ga.us

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TeleHealth Services Coming to Bunche October 31, 2022

APS envisions that expanding telehealth services for all students can increase their access to care and address acute physical or short term mental health challenges while permitting them to stay at school and focus on learning.

• SBTH programs are a comprehensive

approach to increasing children and

families’ access to health care.

• SBTH programs can serve as a valuable

tool for providing children with primary,

acute, and specialty care, i.e., mental


• Telehealth can further target gaps in care

resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic,

such as mental health and other chronic


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Chromebook Power Cords

Please check your scholar's power cord. If they have a cord like the ones pictured below, please discontinue using it and bring it to school tomorrow for a replacement cord. This cord may fray when repeatedly bent at sharp angles, causing the cord to short and stop functioning properly.

CTL Chromebook snap cases are here!

All students are receiving these awesome snap on cases to help protect their devices compliments of Verizon. Please make sure they remain on at all times and that they continue to take good care of them.
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Please do not send an Uber or Lyft to pick up a student with no adult. We are not allowed to send students alone.

Early & Late Pickup

Please remember school is from 9:15-4:15pm. The earliest drop off time is 8:50am. No adults are here to supervise students before this time.

Registration & Records

Some immunizations are out of date. Letters have been mailed and sent home with students. All immunizations must be in compliance no later than October 31st. If you are unsure if your record is up to date, you may contact Nurse Owens at 404.802.6718.

6th Grade Parents: APS requires all 6th grade students to register in the OLR system each year. This year we still have about 40 parents that have not completed the OLR that is required for 6th grade. Unfortunately, we will begin withdrawing students November 1st. Please contact Mrs. Amos at 404.802.6736 to see if your name is on the list.

7th & 8th Grade Parents: Some information in your personal records may be out dated or incomplete. We must bring everything into compliance by October 31st. Missing document letters will be going home with students all month. Please be sure when you receive the letter that you return the required information within 10 days. If you need more time, please call or email the person on the letter.

National Attendance Month

We want to thank all the parents and students that had perfect attendance for the month of August. They were celebrated with a certificate, their name on posters in the hall, and an ice cream social. We can't wait to celebrate our September Attendance Scholars.

Please remember, we understand sometimes students have to be out. The most important things is upon return to school from any absence, the student shall bring to the school a note, signed by the parent/legal guardian, stating the reason for the absence. A student who serves as a Page of the Georgia General Assembly shall be credited as present by the school for days missed for this purpose.

A student who has an emergency necessitating absence from school for a portion of the school day must be present at school at least for one-half of the instructional day, excluding lunch, in order to be counted present for the day. so try to get then to school before 11am or check them out after 2pm.

Prior to the end of the school day, students shall be released only to their parents/legal guardians, or to persons properly identified to school office personnel by the parents/legal guardians, or upon written request by the parents/legal guardians confirmed by telephone or in person. In accordance with administrative regulations and guidelines set forth by the Superintendent, parents shall be notified when children are absent from school or class without prior notice and approval.

Please go into Infinite Campus and view the attendance for each scholar. Complete this Goggle form and provide the excuse by Monday for any unexcused absence. https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=QO-VDd2gGEOQmF4Q-Hb2Nde9Yua2H_RAsJa9ikKpnLNURVk2NE1PTTgyV01VTlUzT0dENUVGTjFSRS4u

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World Day of Bullying Prevention

Monday, Oct. 3rd, 9am-4:15pm

BMS School-Wide

October is Bullying Prevention Month and our school is raising awareness of the importance of recognizing, reporting and refusing bullying.

On Monday, October 3rd, we would like our scholars that are not participating in Homecoming to wear a blue shirt for Bullying Prevention Day.

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What Is Indigenous Peoples’ Day?

Indigenous Peoples’ Day honors the past, present, and futures of Native peoples throughout the US. The holiday recognizes the legacy and impact of colonialism on Native communities, and it also celebrates the cultures, contributions, and resilience of contemporary Native peoples. It’s celebrated on the second Monday of October, and this year, that’s October 10, 2022.

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Atlanta Public Schools - Fall Break 2022

Monday, Oct. 10th, 12am to Friday, Oct. 14th, 12am

All Atlanta Public Schools

Atlanta, GA

Enjoy a nice break... Fall Break! All APS schools will be closed for this week! We hope that all scholars will take advantage of the 3 R's (rest, relax, and read)!
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Picture Day 2022 w/ Lifetouch

Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 9:30am-2pm

1925 Niskey Lake Road Southwest

Atlanta, GA

We have our official picture day at Bunche Middle School on October 19, 2022 in the BMS Gymnasium! This picture day will be for our students and teachers!

Information about picture day will be coming home soon! Prior to the information packages coming home, parents and students should be aware that:

  • There will be NO retakes
  • All students must wear their school uniform shirt
  • No head scarfs, wraps, hats, or hoodies (some students are exempt due to religious beliefs)
  • No funny glasses or shades are permitted

Please save the date for October 19, 2022 for picture day!

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Title I/ Family Engagement Information


Title I- School Parent Compacts & School Parent Compact Signature Sheets will be coming home this month! The Parent Family Engagement Plan (policy) also known as the PFEP will be posted on our school website this month!

Please stay tuned for more information!

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Atlanta History Center Field Trip

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, and Thursday, October 6, 2022, our 7th grade scholars will operate on the 8th grade bell schedule due to scheduled field trips to the Atlanta History Center. In turn, our 8th grade scholars will operate on the swapped 7th grade schedule. We hope our scholars enjoy the trip, appreciate to learn about the past, to create a better future!

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BMS Student activity in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

On September 30th we will have a traditional Hispanic dress-up day. Show off your creativity. Bright colors and flowers are perfect (No jeans)!

Hispanic Heritage Month for Kids! | Hispanic Heritage History | September Celebrations | Twinkl


· Student Tech Team Application Window is coming October 3rd -14th Application Link

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Being able to contact you in case of an emergency is critically important. Even if you recently completed a form, please take the time to follow these instructions to update your information in Infinite Campus.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are posted in the parent portal. If you do not have your information to access Infinite Campus, please email me at Jankia.Floyd@apsk12.org and I will send it home with your scholar.

Bus Safety

Here Comes the Bus app is a tool you can use to track the bus real time. You can update your information via the app if it shows the wrong bus info. (You may have to delete, then re-add your scholar).

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Please understand that Middle school students can NOT ride in an Uber, Lyft, nor any other rideshare service alone. Please do Not send rideshares to pick up a scholar/underaged minor without an adult that is authorized to check them out.

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3 Quick Parental Tips

Here are 3 Quick Tips for Parents in October:

  1. Talk with your child and help their brains integrate - Ask your scholar about school. Help them process what they have learned, by asking them to share their day with you! Always ask them about the highs or lows of the day, as well as their favorite thing/subject/lesson!
  2. Keep things in perspective and remember your parenting goal- What is the end goal? What do you want your scholar to achieve? What are your academic expectations for your scholar? Have you expressed this idea to them? Have you introduced the "next steps" to them? College? Career? Military Services? What is the next move? How can you get there? What is your goal as a parent? A team? A family?
  3. Check Infinite Campus. (Attendance and Grades are always available in real time)

After School All-Stars Program info

ASAS Week # 4 Updates

Monday, September 26th – Friday, September 30th, 2022

Enrichment Classes:

We will stop accepting ASAS applications on Friday, September 30th, please encourage students to apply before the deadline.

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Financial Literacy Night 101– Presented by World System Builder

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 5:45-7pm

Bunche Middle School-Cafeteria

Charger Family-

You are cordially invited to join us for Financial Literacy Night 101- presented by World System Builder. Our featured speaker, Ms. Tamekia Fallin, will guide you through the basics to build financial/generational wealth. This is first meeting in the start of our family financial speaking series. Dinner will be provided for attendees via World System Builder.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Go Teams

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 6pm

1925 Niskey Lake Road Southwest

Atlanta, GA

Join us for our monthly Go Team meeting! This meeting is held in our school media center.

For more information about GO Team https://www.atlantapublicschools.us/domain/15150

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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Literacy & Math Family Night

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 4:45-5:45pm

Bunche Middle School- Media Center

Join us for an Literacy & Math Family Night. This event is dedicated to assisting parents with ways to connect the importance of reading and math at home.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.