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Welcome to a new week as we all plan to meet our 2015 goals moving into the final third of the year.

This email focuses on several of the "bread and butter" activities that virtually every PTE is involved in at some point of the year

Ongoing EER preparation

No matter where a PTE is in the EER cycle to make this work the cycle of weekly, monthly, termly and semester data acquisition is essential. If these data capture processes are not in place preparing for and EER is problematic. Putting these processes in place and then using the data to prepare for an EER is something KICS has undertaken for several over the past months. Each enjoying a positive C 1 or C 2 outcome.

Moving into the world post TRoQ

As the new qualifications post TRoQ are listed all existing, qualifications in that field are given a 2-year self-destruct timeline. In other words, each provider needs to gain re accreditation for a new programme that leads to new qualification. This should be a straightforward process following the new guidelines. KICS has and is in the process of supporting several PTE’s in this accreditation process.

Linking with the “off the shelf” Pearson Education L 7 Graduate Diploma in Business Innovation

Now that Pearson are a qualification owner within the NZQA world and the L 7 GDip is approved on the framework, any provider can seek accreditation of this programme in conjunction with Pearson Education, having become a registered Pearson Centre. The GDip is 100% generic and can be contextualised into your specific field of expertise hence creating a niche programme. This process on both counts is something KICS continues to support providers to do for effective new enrolments in 2016

PTE New provider registrations

Having successfully supported several and continue to do so 2015/16 in the detailed process, this is a service I continue to offer, but it is not a process for the faint hearted.

International Growth

Because of the wide network within the international community, KICS continues to facilitate and foster ongoing strategic developments in international student pipeline growth, but I do not undertake the role of an "agent."

Overall advice and guidance within the PTE tertiary sector

Based on the background, experience, passion and interest within the PTE sector I am happy to sit down for 1 hr or several to talk through issues, make plans, develop strategy and then walk with you as the PTE to ensure this is implemented and the goals agreed are achieved. Hence, the by-line “Hands on advice”. My contact details are below and would love to meet up and chat some more

Bruce H Knox

I look forward, should you so wish, to your new and or ongoing contact and making time to follow up and chat about how KICS might add real value to your PTE in your planning and implementations for 2016