Mobile Phone Features

Features and their uses


GPS stands for global positioning system. It takes readings from GPS satellites to let you know your current location. it can be used to find out where certain things are like the train station based on your current location. It can also be used to tag locations on images and statuses.


NFC stands for near field communication and allows you to pay fro items without the use of typing in a pin code for your credit card. You can have a chip on the back of your phone that you can scan to pay for your items. the positives of this is that you can easily purchase items and it could speed up time spent in checkout queues but a negative could be that it would be easy to copy and steal information and impersonate other people and spend their money. at the moment it can only be used for purchases up to £15.

Screen size

Screen size will vary depending on the phone. A touch screen would need a larger screen but bigger screens also use up more battery to keep the screen lit up.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology used to exchange data over a short distance. It can be used to transfer pictures, videos and song files between devices. it can connect several devices at once.


Stands for wireless fidelity and it is a wireless network technology that allows devices to communicate over a wireless signal. It links devices to provide internet connection through an access point. WiFi can be used to connect to the internet but also has other uses like wirelessly transferring photos.


Different bands are the radio frequency in which mobile phones can work across. There are different bands in different regions around the world.

1. Single - UK

2. Dual - Europe

3. Tri - America

4. Quad - Rest of the world

Only phones that have certain bands will work in the certain areas

External storage

SD cards and mini SD cards can used to store data, transferring data to another device and also backing up the device. It also means that you could possibly store more data by using a bigger memory card.