Describe the type of fishing you do. (fly-fishing, lake/pond)

The type of fishing I do is lake/pond fishing. It’s very relaxing and not stressful. All you do is wait for fish to bite your fishing pole and reel it in.

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What equipment do you use? Describe it.

The equipment you use is a fishing pole. It’s a long rod with string and a hook at the end where you put your worm for bait.

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What are some fishing hot spots? Why do fish like these special places?

Some fishing hot spots are at Lake Alma, Ohio River, and Lake Katherine. Fish like these special places because there is tons of space to swim and small lakes like Lake Katherine and Lake Alma there aren’t a lot of different fish so the fish would have more room to swim.

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What rules do you have to follow where you fish? What is catch and release?

The rules you have to follow are no littering, no swimming, and no one under the age of 16 drive a boat or anything related to that. The rules at different lakes might have different rules but usually they are very close to rules around your area. Catch and release is when you catch the fish and unhook it then throw it back in the water.

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What can fishing teach us about nature?

Fishing can teach us that nature is a very beautiful and sacred place. You have to respect your ponds or lakes around your area.

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