Jim Crow Law

By: Maysam Abdeljaber

Jim Crow Law descripion

Jim crow law is a lawmaker pass laws that made it a crime for the races to be together.

Black and white are separated(segregation) for an example they go to different school, hotels, and restaurants.

How Is Jim Crow Law Important To The Civil War?

Jim crow was important to the civil war because it made blacks and white closer which made them vote, go to same school, and hold public office. Also it made them fight even more because of popular sovereignty. after the war south had the reconstruction which made black people slave again form the terrible black codes. At this it was a confusion, change and experiment.
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Jim Crow Law Today

Some things stayed the same, black and white are separated in most states. They live in different neighborhoods or live in different areas in the state. They sometimes separate the proms in schools and a lot of other things.

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