Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

David Lubar

"Thats what guys do. If someone cut my head off, the last words whistling through my throat as my head plunged towards the floor would be, "I'm fine"." (David Lubar 28)

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Could you make it through high school without any advice or idea of what was about to take place?

When a teenage boy realizes he had no one to go to for advice on his freshmen year, he starts a diary. His diary is intended to go to his soon to be little brother, Sean. He experiences the first year of high school isn't to bad after all. He meets new friends, loses some, and becomes a different person in all. Scott becomes a better person; not judging, standing up for people, and standing up for himself. Towards the end of the book the girl he originally likes becomes friends with him again and he stands up to her boyfriend. And now all of his new friends and old friends stand up to back him up.

40% of teens 14 through 17 are reading this boook! And 4 out of 5 teachers recommend this to their students!


Booklist Award

VOYA Award

Library Media Connection Award