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2016 is your year

What's New with O2 in 2016

Hello, I am Carla New, Senior Director with Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. You are receiving this newsletter because you are a Designer within my team. I wanted to contact everyone on our team to ensure that you are aware of the new programs and updates that were announced on Monday, February 1, 2016.

A lot of details were shared and you may have questions!! If you do have questions, comments or concerns, please be sure to ask your mentor, upline leader, your Director or you can ask me. If you do not know who your mentor, upline leader or Director is, let me know, I will be sure to connect you.

I may be reached via phone at 614-859-5859 or 949-478-3359 or via email at carla@designalocket.com

If you are in area where a Soar Saturday is being held, be sure to attend. Here is a link that shows the meeting locations http://o2incentives.com/soar-saturdays-are-coming/

How O2 Rewards You

Please read this article that outlines

  • The Origami Owl Career Plan
  • The Storybuilder Program
  • The OwlChiever Program
  • New Director Dream Box


New Key Resources + Easter Collection + Spring 2016 Hostess Exclusive

Take a look this article to find about
  • New Marketing & Sales Calendars
  • Easter 2016 Collection
  • Spring 2016 Hostess Exclusive
  • Items retiring on 2/29/16


Backoffice Makeover + New Business Resources

Exciting News is found in this article:

  • Backoffice makeover
  • New FAQ Website
  • New website for O2 swag, apparel, business cards and business tools


New Designer Experience + New Starter Kit + New Designer Support

This article has amazing info about:

  • New Starter Kit
  • Changeover Kit for existing Designers
  • Support for New Designers


Frequently Asked Questions + Useful Links

How O2 Rewards You

Updated Career Plan

Career Plan FAQ

Feb Monthly Calendar

6 Month Calendar

Easter 2016 Marketing Tools

Feb 2016 Hostess Exclusive

Spring 2016 Hostess Exclusive

Items Retiring 2/29/16

If you have questions, comments, concerns or need clarification, please let me know. I am happy to help. I may be reached by phone at 614-859-5859 or 949-478-3359 or by email at carla@designalocket.com

Carla New, Independendent Designer/Senior Director Origami Owl

I am Carla New, Independent Origami Owl Designer/Senior Director. I have a passion for training and development and look forward to following you on your Origami Owl journey. Please be sure to use your mentor as your first point of contact when you have questions, comments and concerns. She is happy to assist you. If she does not know the answer, she is encouraged to reach up to her mentor for support.
I may be reached by phone at 614-859-5859 or 949-478-3389 and by email at carla@designalocket.com