way at the bottom

analysis of bottom

There is magic in the world

Bottom experiences does prove there is magic in the world. The other characters seen him as an ass. "You see an ass head of your own". He was magically turned into a donkey. He was turned into a donkey because he use words wrong and he think he is better than everyone else. I noticed that bottom is a really an ass.

strong emotions can change the kind of people we are

Since bottom fell that he is better than everyone else thinks he deserve the best of everything. "scratch my head Peaseblossom". Bottom is making the fairies do things that he can do to his own. This quote prove my point because bottom is doing nothing and is having other do the little and simple things for him. I noticed that bottom is lazy.

people's emotions usally control how they act

Bottom is emotionally confident. He believe that he is the best at everything." Let me play loin too". He thinks he play the loin better than snug. Bottom thinks that he is the best person alive.

similarities and differences

A similarity me and bottom have is we are both are an ass. A difference we have is I never been turned into a donkey. Another difference we have is that I don't think I am better that everyone else. Me and bottom are both very funny. We are different because I use my words correctly.