WBL Offers Unique Opportunity

Unsure of the future? Need money?

What can WBL offer you?

The Work-Based Learning Program is unique in that students are allowed to leave school after 2nd period their senior year in order to go to work. The work provides students with valuable experience, and (the big plus!) students earn high school credit for the periods they leave school, and they earn a report card grade from their employer.

Working students are supported through classroom instruction, discussion, a teacher mentor, and a close relationship between work, school, and home.

Explore the world of work, before you graduate from High School

Explore your interests, skills, values, and aptitudes to help you recognize career areas that match with who you are and what you enjoy doing! Learn and practice interviewing, resume writing and business writing. Create an employment portfolio to take with you after graduation that will serve as both a reference and resource for post high school employment.
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