Fuel up to Play 60

by Mia Silvestros and Kaitlyn Pluff

Welcome back to the Fuel Up to Play 60 Newsletter, December edition!

Welcome back to the Fuel Up to Play 60 newsletter! This month was very busy! In case you haven't been keeping up, here's what has happened:

Wrestling Tournament

All grades (6th, 7th, 8th boys) had been practicing for this! Boys must earn enough points during the regular week to be in the wrestling tournament! The tournament is front of the whole grade, and each boy wrestles another in his weight group. There are even 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals! Girls are not in the wrestling tournament (They do archery).

Our tough 8th graders

The dance team even made an appearance!

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Stay and Play

About once a month, Fuel Up to Play does something called a stay and play. We set up different games, and the students (even some teachers) stay and play those games after school (hence stay and play). This month, we had 4-way volleyball, Gaga, yoga, football, soccer, Just Dance, and Nine-square-in-the-air! We even provided smoothies at the end!

Thank you Affton Parent's Club

Recently, our Fuel up to Play Committee was invited to speak at the Affton Parent Club meeting at the Affton Early Childhood Center. Committee chair members spoke to parents to explain what we do as a committee. Students (along with Ms. Tracie, our lunch lady) served our school lunch tacos and smoothies (I think they liked them).

Lanie Receives Affton Strong Student of the Month Award

Lanie Pointer, president of the RMS FUTP Team received the Affton Strong Student of the Month Award at the November Board Meeting. /http://afftonschools.net/blog/2015/10/affton-strong-student-of-the-month-october-2015/

Lanie accepted the award from her uncle, Doug Beck of the Affton Board of Education.

RMS Grants

Mrs. Kilgore hand-picked (from left to right) Sidney W., Teonia M., Chloe C, Ema V., and Almira M. to think of a problem having to do with fitness or health, and solve that problem. Almira was awarded $1,000, Teonia $1,000, and Chloe is in the process of trying to win $8,000!! They were able to go to the City Museum, play big Jenga and Adventure Capital provided mentors to help make prototypes of their ideas!

Please vote for Chloe's idea here to help Rogers win a chance to bring her idea into reality: https://adcapyouth.wishpond.com/team-up-for-a-healthy-america/
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Mrs. Beezley's Corner

Other things going on at Rogers Middle School:

Wellness committee updates: We asked Ms. Bunn from Chartwells to start serving strawberry milk-please ask your kids what they think and let us know. Also beginning in January, fresh wraps are back at lunches and will be made to order. Adding items such as cheese, tomatoes and peppers can increase nutrients and make lunch more healthy for students.

FUTP students wrote Holiday cards to APC, Board members, Administration, Grandpa Dave and local farmers to thank them for support received during the year.


Coming up next month and early February:

Wellness Week February 1-5 including : Super Bowl boxtop extravaganza-students and staff have an opportunity to win prizes, Taste testing, PJ day (all proceeds to American Heart Association), Dance off, Wacky Wednesday, The Amazing Race, Favorite sports jersey day, Dance off assembly, Go RED day. Watch for more information after break.

Ways To Stay Active This Winter

Even though it's cold outside, there are still ways to stay active and healthy this holiday season. Some suggestions are: Ice skating, sledding, Just Dance, and indoor sports such as hockey, volleyball, basketball, and soccer. You can also play Wii Fit and swim at the YMCA! If it's warm, you can even use Rogers' equipment like the Gaga pit, the basketball court, the soccer field, and the fitness trail! You can try out Go Noodle, a website to keep kids active with fun activities. Here's the link for a couple of helpful websites: https://www.gonoodle.com/ or http://www.actionforhealthykids.org/