RAVEN Weekly News

Black Rock High School - October 18, 2021

Consumer Math, Collages, and FlipGrid - Have you started yours?



AWARDS ZOOM EVENT for CC1: On 10/21 at 8:00 a.m., we will have a school wide ZOOM Awards assembly.

CALIFORNIA GREAT SHAKEOUT is on 10/21 @ 10:21!

RAVEN CARD GAME: Earn cards by turning in work. Each .5 credits of work (not DI or daily elective participation) to receive a card. For example, in ART if you turn in a graded assignment of .5 then you get a card, if you do a packet worth .5 you get a card, and if you turn in .5 of a PE packet you get a card. REMEMBER this has to be stand alone work, not participation or DI. At the end of the month, the student with the best "hand" will receive a prize. We may even do more than one.

FEDERAL SURVEY CARDS: Have you turned in your Federal Survey Card. Homerooms are competing for a pizza party. We have to have these, so please get yours in today if possible. See Mrs. Taylor if you have any questions. You earn .2 for turning these in.

CONSUMER MATH HR DROP INS: Students who are working on Consumer Math can drop in during HR to Mrs. Kelley in P-5 for help. Get permission from your HR teacher first. If Mrs. Kelley is not available, Ms. Graham will help out in P-4.

REMIND.COM - Make sure you've signed up for remind by using 81010 (as a phone number) and sending the code.

Mrs. Seacat's code: @jseac

Mrs. Kelley's code - @jkbrhs

Mrs. Luckino's code: @mrslbrhs

FLIP GRID & COLLAGE ASSIGNMENTS: Have you done your FlipGrid or made your collage? See Mrs. Kelley in P-5 if you have any questions or need some help. You can use her computer to make the FlipGrid if you want. You can also use your phone.

YOGA in the AM: Mrs. Lee-Briggs is offering Yoga in P-3 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning during Homeroom (starting Wednesday). If you are interested, check in and get permission from your HR teacher and then head out to P-3. You do not have to attend every session. You can earn PE credit. See Mrs. Lee-Briggs in P-4 if you have any questions.

SPIRIT DAY - This Friday (10/21) is Raven Spirit (wear Red, Black, and Silver).


FIRST AND LAST 10 MINUTES: No restroom passes the first and last 10 minutes of class. HALLOWEEN THEME: Cards

UNITY HOME: Meets Tuesday during 2nd period.

ID Cards: Did you get one?

Master Agreements: Did you turn yours in?

SCHOOL DATA FORM: Make sure you've filled yours out.


  • 10/20, Wednesday, MINIMUM DAY, Late Start, 9:45 AM to 1:01 PM
  • 10/21 @ 10:21 AM Great California Shakeout
  • 10/21 @ 1:15 (STAFF ONLY) Meeting re Gradebook with DO Personnel
  • 10/22 @ 8:00 ZOOM AWARDS ASSEMBLY
  • 10/26 (RESCHEDULED) UTI Presentation, 5th Period (see Ms. A in P-1)
  • 11/8-11/10 WASC Visitation
  • 11/10, Wednesday, ASVAB TEST
  • 11/12, Friday, BLOOD DRIVE, earn .5 in Service Credit
  • 12/13-12/14 STAR Reading & 12/15-12/16 STAR Math
  • 1/10-1/14 History Benchmarks
  • 3/1-3/2 STAR Reading & 3/8-3/9 STAR Math
  • 5/17-5/18 STAR Reading & 5/24-5/25 STAR Math
  • 5/23-5/27 History Benchmarks

Our Graduates:

4. Steven Oakes

3. Skye Daggett

2. Jersey Platzke

1. William Vance


GRADE BOOK MEETING THIS WEEK - Thursday @ 1:15 with District personnel.


TEACHERS for WASC: The WASC document was submitted by Mrs. Seacat on Friday. The FlipGrids are set up for teachers and students. Mrs. Kelley will visit homerooms to explain the FLIPGRID process to students.

STAFF SEL LESSONS: Beginning CC2, you will have access to an SEL lesson each week. The documents can be found on the shared drive. See Ms. Graham in P-4 if you have any questions.

Black Rock High School

Mrs. Jennifer Seacat, Principal

Mrs. April Taylor, Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Christi Cross, Registrar

Ms. Julie Alexander, Special Education

Mr. James DEan, Science

Mr. Angel Gomez, Art

Ms. Spencer Graham, MTSS

Mrs. Jolie Kelley, Newsletter Editor/Intervention

Mr. Raphael Krasnow, English

Mrs. Janet Larson, Math

Mrs. Lisa Lee-Briggs, Counselor

Mrs. Shannon Luckino, Social Science/APEX

Ms. Hanna Mohn, Social Science

Mr. Jason Peck, Woodshop

Mrs. Jamie Scharns, English