Causes of the American Revoltion


Causes of the American Revolution

There were a lot of cause to the American Revolution but these were the main causes navigation acts, the proclamation line of 1763, the stamp act, quartering act, townshend act, Boston massacre, Boston tea party, and coercive act.

Navigation acts

The navigation acts put mecatlism into place. Mercantilism made the colonies trade with the mother country so they can build it and sell it back to the colonies. This puts tension between the mother country and the colonies because it messes up their colonial trade.

The proclamation line of 1763

The proclamation line of 1763 was a line seprating the ohio river valley and the colonies. This line was put in after the french and indian war. The kind wont let them go past it because it might cause costly war affects with the natives.
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The stamp act

The stamped act taxed all paper like newspaper etc. The stamp act was created to pay for all the war debt. At the stamp act congress the were trying to get the kind to reapel the law.

At the end of it all king george the III reapeld the stamp act law.

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Quartering act

The british made this in repsone to all the protesters in the colonies. This act aloud red coats to live in the coloniests homes and eat their food and drink their rum. The coloniests didnt like them in their houses and it was also way too expenisve to supply them. The writs of assistance were a blank search warrents to let the red coats into their home
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Townshed acts

The Townshed acts taxed tea,glass, and paper. The daughters of liberty made their won items to boycott britsh taxes. The birtish goverment countiend to tax tea even after the law was reapeled.
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The boston massacre

On march 5, 1770 a mob formed in the middle of boston in front of red coats. After that the red coats hit a teenager in the front.When they were sccreaming and yelling a guy from the back threw a club from the back and hit one of the red coats. Then the shot fire into the crowd in boston.
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Tea act and Boston tea party

The tea act if 1773 was one of the main purposes for the amercian revolation. one night at the boston harbor a ton of men gathered together and threw tea into the ocean. After that the coloniets were punished with series of harsh mesure. They did that to show resitance and say we arnt going to be taxed for this.
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Coercive act

The coloniests called the acts the intolerable acts. The main purpose of these acts were to punish the colonites that threw tea over the harbor. It was also for the legisture to restore order in massachuesetts. One of the things they did was shut down the boston harbor which is one of there main money sources so that injured the econmy.
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