Castroville Elementary

2020-2021 Campus Information

General Information

As we near the beginning of the school year, it is important for you to complete your child's online registration if you haven't. This will allow administration to provide the best possible plan for all stakeholders including remote or in-person instruction for students and staff. I know many of you are wondering when you will find out who your child's teacher will be. This information will be released very soon and will be finalized once online registration is complete.In the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing information in regards to specific campus procedures, grade level orientations, when and how to drop off school supplies/medications for students receiving in-person instruction, as well as introducing the entire staff at Castroville Elementary. Should you be planning to withdraw your child, please send the principal an email with your child's first and last name and indicate if you plan to homeschool or you are moving our of the district.


  • We are asking parents to provide a mask for their child and both cloth and disposable face masks are permissible.
  • We will have some masks for extenuating circumstances and all students in PreK-5th grade will be required to wear a mask.
  • Castroville will follow district health guidelines. Any medical concerns will be addressed with the campus principal.
  • All campus staff are dedicated to teach routines and expectations to the students.

Drop Off

Students may begin being dropped off at 7:15 in the morning.

Car Riders

We will have 2 drop-off locations this year to limit the amount of students coming in through one location.

  • Pre-Kinder, Kinder, and 1st grade students will be dropped off in the front of the school.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be dropped off at the Gym
  • Parents that will be dropping off more than 1 student will drop off their children at the Gym.
  • A map of drop off locations will be generated and distributed before school starts.
  • Students will be left with staff at their designated drop off locations. Parents will not be permitted to come in the building.
  • Parents will need to drive through the pick up/drop off lanes to drop off their children.


  • Students must enter the building on their own.
  • Parents will not be permitted to come in the building.

Bus Riders

  • Bus riders will be seated with distance.
  • Siblings will be allowed to sit together.
  • Students will have assigned seats
  • Masks will need to be worn by all students.
  • Buses will be sanitized.
  • Students cannot board a bus with a fever.

Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell. Most importantly do not send your child with a fever. Children need to be fever free for 24 hours.

Students will report directly to their classroom in the morning. Should the student want breakfast, it will be a grab-n-go style and they will take it to their classroom.

Dismissal-Pick up

School Ends at 3:10 pm

We will have 2 pick-up locations this year to limit the amount of students leaving through one location.

  • Pre-Kinder, Kinder, and 1st grade students will be picked up in the front of the school.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be picked up at the Gym
  • Parents that will be picking up more than 1 student will pick up their children at the Gym.
  • A map of pick up locations will be generated and distributed before school starts.
  • Parents will need to drive through the pick up lanes to drop off their children
  • Parents are asked to remain in their vehicle.
  • We will continue the car tag system. The teachers will provide a car tag to you.
  • Parents can begin lining up in their vehicles at 2:50 pm.

Reminder: These changes are for the health and safety of the students and staff. We will one day have normalcy.


  • Students will wear masks into the cafeteria.
  • Students will sit with physical distance.
  • Students will put their masks on once they are done eating.
  • Students can bring a packed lunch.
  • We will not accept outside lunches being delivered or dropped off.
  • Parents and visitors will not be permitted to eat lunch on campus.
  • Custodians will be on duty to clean and disinfect between lunches.

Recess and Specials

Castroville Administration and staff is working to make the safest school environment for our students while providing normalcy.

  • Students will have structured recess with their homeroom class.
  • We will have a rotation of designated areas.
  • Specials classes will be conducted daily.

In-Person Classroom/Instruction

  • Desks will be spaced out to allow for distancing.
  • Extra furniture will be removed to allow for the appropriate spacing for students.
  • Your child will be assigned a homeroom teacher for the 1st 6 weeks. Your child may change homeroom teachers as we have more or less students for in-person instruction.
  • We will make our best effort to keep your child with their original homeroom teacher
  • Classroom and health routines will be taught and reviewed.

School begins at 7:40 am. The tardy bell rings at 7:50 am.

  • Teachers will continue to greet students with an air high five, air hug, smile, wave, etc. Students can greet each other in the same manner.
  • Teachers will wear face coverings- masks and/or shields
  • Please be aware that your child may be receiving instruction/support from any teacher in the grade level as it will be a collective responsibility to ensure all students receive the level of instruction/support needed.

What You Can Do..

  • Parents have your child become accustomed to wearing and caring for their mask.
  • Practice hand-washing.
  • Talk with your child about the new school environment.
  • Check your child’s temperature and overall health before sending them to school.

Remote/Online Instruction

  • Your child will need a device and internet connection for this option.
  • You will be able to request a device, a hotspot, and/or both only if you do not have any device in your household.

  • The online learning platforms are
  • PreK-2nd grade will utilize SeeSaw
  • 3rd-5th grade will utilize Google Classroom.

  • Attendance is required daily which means daily engagement of students by meeting with the teacher, completing assignments, and/or watching a lesson.
  • All teachers in the grade level will provide instruction. Some teachers at each grade level may be designated as remote teachers.
  • Your child will be required to complete assignments and assessments as the in-person students.
  • We ask that you assist your child with logging in and navigating the platform but it is essential your child complete the assignment independently.
  • We are looking to check their understanding and level of mastery.
  • The expectations for completion is the same as the in-person students.
  • Teachers will be available during school hours for assistance and support.

What You Can Do..

  • Set a schedule for your child.
  • Attend teaching and support sessions with the teacher.
  • Watch lessons and complete assignments daily.
  • Communicate with the teacher.

Please Be Patient and Kind!

  • We have your child’s best interest in mind.
  • We are all experiencing a very different learning environment that will take an adjustment.
  • The presented information may change as local and state guidance changes.
  • Teachers will provide detailed information at their virtual meet the teacher.
  • Please continue to check the District website at the following link as it is updated regularly including the various safety protocols:
  • With your partnership we will provide the best educational experience for our students.