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March 18, 2016

From Seed to Plant and a Trip to the 4H Fairgrounds!

Our story this week From Plant to Seed, helped further our learning about the relationship between the weather and things in nature. The vocabulary helped us predict what the story might be about and in the end our predictions were correct! The campers went back into their prior learning and made a great connection between life cycles and the growing cycle of the seed. The also dug into our past learning exploration about pumpkins and their seeds. All of their great knowledge will be put to use when we return after break and begin our second PLTW unit: Creating a Seed Spreader.

Our story also helped us connect to the great trip we had this week to the 4H Fairgrounds for Ag Day! During our learning trip, we all experienced the many products that are grown and raised in our county to provide us with our needs and wants. The steps it takes to raise the animals and crops were highlighted and when we returned to school the campers discussion centered around cycles, steps, care, and weather. As they say, "I love it when a plan comes together!" Thanks to our many parents that joined us! It was a beautiful day for all! If you haven't check out SeeSaw, take a look for some great photos of our day!

Our water cycles have been showing us just what happens to our water. We have watched large water droplets form and fall back to the 'ponds'. Quite exciting!

Our reading clubs had a chance to talk their books over with Mrs. Feder this week! Each member took their reflection sheet and headed out to discuss as a group. They shared their ideas, opinions, favorite parts, and who they would recommend their books to. Lots of great discussion and bringing parts of the text to the support ideas. Many thanks to Mrs. Feder for giving us a new audience to share our thoughts with!

This week we get to dig into the books and see what the other clubs have been excited about!

All About Math

We're multiplying again!

We dug into solving multi-digit by single-digit numbers this week. There are many ways to tackle these problems and the campers first started out trying some of their own. Lots of math talk, strategies tried to getting to the solutions, and many a-ha moments! We concentrated on a few this week. They are the traditional method, lattice multiplication, and expanded form. Working first on there own, then discussing what they had done with a partner each team explained the method and tried each out. We placed several completed problems on our Elmo and asked campers to explain the thinking they saw. The camper's who's work we displayed listened and confirmed or adjusted the discussion. It was great 'math muscle' building to puzzle out other's thinking! This coming week we will continue this work as well as division problem solving.

Here is a link to see lattice multiplication is action!

Fact Fluency Reminder:

We have begun to move through the facts of multiplication at an individual pace. Some of the campers have a little work to do yet on subtraction as well. Each day we will spend 5 - 10 minutes with practice, fast math, and fact fluency interviews. The campers will work on their own to practice using their carabiner cards, take fast math exercises, and once a week check in with me on their facts. The goal of the combination of these activities is to have the campers understand the facts on their own and how they relate to other facts, become fluent with the basics of calculation, and have strategy to find the answers when calculating. You can find your campers' cards in the pouch in their binder! Great practice options are below!

Here is the link to Kakooma, Math Magician, and Math Fact Practice! Play Kids Games. Kakooma Math Magician Math Fact Practice

Math Fact Practice us new to us. You can choose the operation, even mix them up, the level of difficulty, and the time.

Everyday Math website for great practice in fact fluency and math skills. Usernames and passwords are inside your camper's binder.

✨Congratulations Corner

Lots to celebrate this week!

*Cougar Crew Member: Congratulations to Blake W. for his nomination this week! He was nominated for the skill of positive attitude!

*Our LFL library presentation at the Learning Showcase was a great success!

Noblesville Learning Showcase

Great job by our presenters at the Noblesville Learning Showcase! Julia S., Kennedy L., Aaron C., Kate B., Trey F., Mina V., Blake W., Alex E., Emma F., Elizabeth E., and Ashlynn T. were knowledgeable, confident, and brought many visitors into our booth to learn about the LFL. All of our small flyers were passed out and many offers for books were made! Next up more announcements about the LFL, decorating and placement of the collection box, confirming the date for our ribbon cutting, and final placement of the library! The campers hard work on this LFL project is getting close to sharing with the whole school!

đź“…For Your Calendar

3/22 Third Grade Wax Museum: We visit at 9:00

3/23 Spring Pictures

3/24 YHPB Voting 9:30

3/25 Spring Break begins at the end of the day

3/26 - 4/10 Spring Break

4/11 School back in session