Renewable resources the best thing

Wind power/energy

Renewable resources

Some renewable resources can be replaced or grown again also renewable resources are always here for people to use. Renewable resources will never run out and are environmentally friendly but renewable resources are not reliable and not really new.

What is wind power/energy

Wind power has been around for along time like as old as the fossal fuels run out a lot of Countries are looking for new supplies of energy. Wind is one of the most important of these. Wind is caused by uneven heating of the earths surface by the sun. Wind power is considered a renewable resource because wind is always on earth. Wind power is energy such as electricity that is generated directly from the wind. So that is my paragraph on what is wind power/energy.
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What are the advantages of wind power/energy

It is very low in cost and wind power is clean because it has no pollution or carbon dioxide. Wind power is awesome because we can use as much as we want today and there will still be more tomorrow. In the next few years wind power will become cheaper than fossal fuels and wind energy is a green energy source.

What are the disadvantages of wind power/energy

Wind power has some disadvantages.The wind turbines themselves can sometimes be seen as ugly or ruining a persons view or landscape.Wind farms that means a group of turbines can be dangreos to wildlife by being really noisy and sometimes its not always windy. A single windmill can make about the same level of noise as a car travelling at 110 km/h.And when windmills are being built some pollution is produced.
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