Comparison Of Colonial Regions

Jordan Anderson

Southern Colony

- The southern colony was established by the Virginia Company.

- Tobacco and Rice were two crops that were heavily relied on. The south's economy also relied on indentured servants which were later known as slaves.

- The southern society was made up of rich plantation owners, poor farmers, and slaves. At this time public education did not exist so, women taught children at home.

Middle Colony

- The middle colonies had more religious tolerance and were more culturally diverse.

- The middle colony had larger cities that had ports for shipping products and they did both farming and commerce. They also had a thriving fur trade with the Native Americans.

- The population in the middle colony was more diverse. This was also the home of the Quakers.

New England Colony

-The people living in the New England colony were puritans.

- The puritans wanted a colony that was built solely on their religious values. The Puritans were later known as the Pilgrims.

- Shipbuilding, trading and fishing were lead industries for the New England economy.