The Animals of the Outdoors

Smuggling Tigers, Written by Savannah Parman

There is only about 3,200 tigers in the world,either they dying or are they being smuggled as we speak, every 10 minutes there is a tiger getting smuggled by a person across the border, so that they can have their skin. The most type of tiger that gets smuggled is the Bengal tiger. There is only very few of those tiger left in Bangladesh . The people that are smuggling tigers just do not get it that they need to stop smuggling and if we can probably stop killing the for there skin .

The Bengal tigers are very pretty and that that there are only 440 lift in the world . I think that if we tried we could possibly bring back their population if we bred them there population will come . We should make a law to stop killing them and smuggling them across the border them if we do not make a law to stop people from doing that. Just about 2 weeks ago there was 2 of the Bengal tiger that were 2 months old that got smuggled in a suitcase and there mouth was taped shut so that they could not open there mouth how does that?

There was a girl who had smuggled three baby tigers throw an airport and they just did not notice that they were in there . So when she got home she let them out in her house and let them roam around her house and she bottle feed them with milk. I think that we need to bring the tiger population back up so that there are more tiger in the world instead of bring them down we need to bring them up to that people in the future can enjoy them like we enjoy them today .

Hunting Blue Whales, Written by Andrea Ferry

For many centuries, blue whales have been hunted for their blubber, oil and other things, especially from 1900’s-1960’s all around the world by whaling ships. As you may know, blue whales are the largest animals on earth, they weigh 130-150 tons and the can grow up to 100 feet long, but what you may not know is that in the 1900’s through the 1960’s blue whales were hunted immensely. By the 1960’s blue whales were on the brink of extinction, so in 1966 the IWC banned whaling. Even though whaling is illegal, some people still do it to make money.

During the time when whaling was legal, it is estimated about 350,000 blue whales were killed for their goods. The blue whales are currently on the endangered animals list, with about only about 5,000-10,000 of them left in the wild (they have had a minor recovery since the law was made). They is ranked about 76th on the endangered mammals list. Also their population trend is increasing.

In conclusion, because of the mass drop in the blue whale population between 1900’s-1960’s the blue whales are currently on the endangered species list, but there is a law against hunting them, so their population has /is going up slightly.

How to Trap, Written by Logan Haynes

Beaver trapping: Use 3-30s, and box traps.They build lodges and dams,so set a conibear in a lodge and a coil spring on the dam.If you wreck the dam then put a coil spring on each side its most likely to get a beaver. Beavers are most likely found in rivers and creeks.

Muskrat trapping: They travel many different ways. Most of the time they travel along sides of creeks, if there's tall grass hanging over the bank they’ll probably will make a tunnel. You should set a conibear on each side of the tunnel. Also under bridges they travel along to side of the cement bridge walls, so set a conibear along the wall.

Mink Trapping: They travel through tunnels like Muskrats. Put a cinder block in the creek and put two conibears on each side of it and put bait inside of it. Also they are related to weasels.

Raccoon: Use dog proofs ,and conibears.They travel through creeks, and like walking on logs and scrap metal or anything to walk on. Racoons like going through tunnels and other things like that.Set conibears in there and block the outsides of the trap with sticks to make them go through the trap.

I Hope You Learned Something About Trapping!

Poaching in Africa, Written by Riley Kohles

Poaching in Africa is illegal, poachers do it to get money from the trunks, of elephants. The elephant population has dropped, a lot between 1979 to 1989. The elephant is the lands largest target. People that poach elephants can be caught and fined a lot of money. It is illegal to poach elephants in Africa.

Millions of elephants lived in 1979, and 600,000 remain from poaching today.The DNR’s have found many dead elephants in the past years. Between 1979 and 1989 the elephant population has gone down to dangerous levels. People that poach can make a lot of money on the tusks and the trunks of the elephants.

Poachers are the people that go out, kill animals and take off their horns or trunks or other valuable parts of an animal, illegally . When people poach animals they either shoot them or they tranquilize them.If you get caught you will have to take whatever punishment they give you (there are different types of punishment for types of animals or how many animals you poach.

Why do People Hunt? Written by Jack Buman

People hunt because they think it is fun. Most people because it is a sport. Others think it is bad. Hunting was introduced in 1609. That was a long time ago. Most people hunted in that time period to feed their families, but that made the population of deer, moose, and turkey go down a lot. Then the deer went on to the endangered species list.

The mostly hunted animals in the world are deer, moose, elk, and birds. The main problem with hunters is they want to hunt way to many animals at one time. In the 1900 the animal population went down so much by almost 40%. But then the those 4 animals went on the endanger species list. In the 1990 the 4 animals made in back off the endanger species so you can still hunt them.

My personal hunting has been good, but I was born in 2000 after the drop of the animals. My dad and I have had very good experience hunting. If I were alive in the old days I probably wouldn’t be alive. I hunt turkeys, deer, and birds.