The Renaissance

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What Is The Renaissance ?

Renaissance is the rebirth of Classic Greece & Rome. It started in Italy 1300-1600 (about 300 years)

What was the change ?

The change during the Renaissance time was it brought back Classic Greece & Rome. They also continued the study of the human body. Expanded learning , art , and architecture was one of the big things that changed because people started focusing back on art. Citizens became more involved in political life because 60% of people died.

People of the Renaissance

How did it change society ? ~~ (Short term effects)

Changed Society ?

It changed impact in society because stuff got back to normal. They got out of the dark Ages. They also bring back Rome & Greece because they like the rules and stuff they did. They also weakened the church because the Pope and Priest were doing sins. They were also bragging people in many different ways. They also continued the study of the human body.

How is that change seen in today's society? (long term effects)

The long term effects is that they continued the study of the human body. That got people to wonder about what actually happens & some clues of what it might be. Another one is that the made the Bible into all languages so the Pope nor Priest would tell people false information. I think that the most important thing they did though was the human body because i think that made scientist look at in to those things.