Comparing and contrasting.

Breaking Dawn book to movie


In the setting

* They are in the same town and state

* When Bella gets her car and does not like it that much.

* When they had to fight the Volturi the setting was the same.

* Bella is the same person in the movie and book.

* Edward is the dame person in the movie and book.

* All the allies and the family members are the same expect; Bella's mom and Jasper.

* All the plot events were the same in both the book and movie.


* The setting when Bella and Edward get married, it was really gloomy in the movie compared to the book.

* When the showed how Bella got mad at Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee. She was not mad in the book compared to the movie.

* Jasper is different in the movie his hair is brown, and in the book his hair is black

* Bella's mother is very different in the book compared to the movie, Bella's mother never cried when she saw her getting dressed. But in the movie her mother cried when Bella was going away on her honeymoon and in the book she didn't.

In Twilight Breaking Dawn, there are many different things and many things that are the same. Bella and Edward are really happy when they get married and are not as gloomy as they are in the book. In the movie Bella and Alice are both packing when they are getting ready Bella's things for the honeymoon at Isle Esme. Another different thing is Bella was not that mad when Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. One example of a thing that was the same is, the vision of the Volturi losing against the Cullens in the battle. In conclusion in Breaking Dawn there are many same things and many different things in the book.