Rucker Park Setup

by Paul Volponi

Mackey and J.R. have always been best friends, they've waited their whole lives to play at Rucker Park where some of the best pro basketball players squared of against street legends. The day of an important game, J.R. is stabbed and killed at Rucker Park. Mackey didn't hold the knife but he feels responsible for the act, Mackey now has to settle the score on the court but J.R.'s killer is on the opposite team and is watching his every move.
Mackey , also known as Hold the Mustard, is fast and he is confident. Mackey is very fast and he only focus on agility during games. Mackey is also confident. He always thinking of winning the tournament.
Mackey is related to us in many ways. Mackey is a person who loves playing basket. All of us have hobbies just like Mackey. He is