Minute Motivation


What Will Be Your Deciding Factor?

Have you ever had one of those when you decided enough is enough I can't take it anymore!!! I am going to change this!!!

Jim Rohn tells a story about the day he decided to change his life forever. He was 25 years old, with a family and one year of college under his belt, a cute little girl scout comes to his door and asks him if he would like some cookies. He really wanted to support her and buy some cookies, but the problem was that he did not have two dollars. He lied to the little girl and he told her he had so many girl scout cookies that he had to eat them all before he could buy more, she politely said thank you and walked away. Jim promised himself that day this would never happen again! There's also a story of a New York wife that never finished her high school education and was still young. One day she asked her husband for ten dollars and he asked what for, (it did not rub her well) by the end of that day she decided she was never ever going to have to ask anyone for money ever again. Today she is the Vice President of a company in New York and ever since that day she has never asked for money again. She started looking for opportunity and found it.

Some are probably thinking no I haven't had a deciding moment in this one problematic situation that I am facing, but I need to experience that. What I know for sure is that it will happen when you have surely had enough! When you just can't take it anymore. Your problem is that you are too comfortable with your situation that you need change in. Your broke and not doing anything to change it: COMFORTABLE! Your in a relationship and haven't been happy for a long time and you are not taking any action towards change: COMFORTABLE! You hate your job but your not looking for ways out: COMFORTABLE! You hate that you have so much debt but haven't started a payment plan in an amount that you can afford to work on it and stop complaining: COMFORTABLE!

The reason that you are still stuck in your situation is because you are not yet uncomfortable to the point that you NEED to change it. That you are so upset that you can't take it anymore and will make a COMMITMENT to yourself that NO MATTER WHAT I am going to change this situation.

Today I want to encourage you to get uncomfortable with situations in your life that are not contributing to your happiness and the life that you want to live. Realize that you are a creator and this world is your clay. You have the ability to do, have, create, and live the life that you want. The only thing stopping you is you!

Try this exercise that I intuitively discovered that I am sure will serve you :)

Exercise For Today:

Get out a sheet of paper and a pen.

Think of a time when you were just down and out, a situation that has not changed much in your life.

Write this down:

I decide to change my life, the time I experienced____________________(write the place you never want to experience again) my actions were not working in my favor. I decide to take actions towards positive change. I decide to take action to change my life for me because I am worth it.

Write a quick paragraph of what a happy life looks like to you.

Write a little step that you can take today that will get you one step closer to the paragraph you just wrote.

Remember: Happiness is not a destination. Be happy now, Be thankful for what you have. Experience life in ways you can now. BUT do not EVER get comfortable, we were made to continually progress!

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