Tech Tip Tuesday

9 December 2014

In case you missed it...

Unlimited Google Drive for Education has arrived! That's a lot of storage (notice the lockers)! Scroll down to the bottom of your e-mail inbox, and you'll no longer see a limit to what you can store. We can store files up to 1TB each. That's huge! So, any videos or other large files you create can be stored on your drives to easily share on your websites. The students have the same benefit, which is great for digital projects they create! And, you can save student work in your Drive (and you can organize by class, if you'd like) to grade later or save as exemplars for the future! Students and staff can now keep those big projects and access them from anywhere!

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More News from Google Drive

As we head towards the end of 2014, there are still a few more updates to Docs, Sheets, and Slides that can help you make your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations more beautiful and useful.

  1. In Docs, you can already customize tables with different colors and line thicknesses, and now you can also merge cells together to get your table just right. (This is one of the things I was really missing from Word!) I liked the option to merge the heading of a table, but you can even do something like this!
  2. Plus, you can now customize images right inside your document by recoloring them, changing the transparency, brightness, and more. (This was available in Slides before, but it's new to Docs. In Slides, you can make an image transparent to use it as a Watermark, like this.) In both Docs and Slides, once you select an image, the "Image Options" button will be available.
  3. In Slides, you can now add slide numbers to help guide you and your audience through presentations. Within your slide show, just choose "Insert" and "Slide Numbers". You can turn that option on and off as needed.

Bonus Tips

Check out the great infographic below for a breakdown of top tech tools. And, if you'd like help using any of these with your class, I'm available! :)


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