January newsletter

The start of a new year

Mr. Anderson's Core+ class contributed articles to this edition.

Semester 2 has begun!

The start of semester two is a time to reflect on the first half of sixth grade and look forward to closing the year out strong. There will be many opportunities in the coming months from new sports and clubs to academic challenges and planning for 7th grade. The second semester is a time to step back and look at what worked for you and then building on that foundation. Here is to finding another level of greatness as Team Justice!


WIDA testing: English-language learners only

Thursday, 1/21; Monday, 1/25; Wednesday, 1/27; Friday, 1/29; and Tuesday 2/2 or Thursday 2/4

ISTEP+ Part One Testing: Please refrain from scheduling appointments during this time.

Math and ELA part 1 (all grades): Tuesday, March 1st from 8-9:30am

ELA part 2 and part 3 (all grades): Wednesday, March 2nd from 8-9:30am

Science (6th grade) and Social Studies (7th grade): Thursday, March 3rd from 8-8:40am

Science News

What's the matter!

We are discussing mass, volume, weight and density to begin the quarter. We are discovering different states of matter and what would cause a change in that state.

Finding out ways to measure and observe matter will help us better understand the world around us.

Wellness Update

In wellness, we are playing Volleyball, Ga-Ga Ball and working in the fitness center. We are learning the foundations of Volleyball in setting, serving and bumping, while Ga-Ga Ball builds our endurance, hand-eye coordination and speed.

The fitness center work allows us to begin patterns of exercise, strengthening and conditioning our muscles.

Before too long, we will be back outside learning more sports to add to our growing list.

Focus on Language Arts

We welcome Ms. Hunt to our classroom as we begin new books and add new tools to our repertoire.

In Language Arts, we begin the year by reflecting on word within a word. Can you believe we have already learned 55 Latin roots! Familiarizing ourselves with new parts of speech, we add connotation and denotation to our notes.

We have also started the book, "The Giver" in class and are very eager to find out what happens.

In Honors Language Arts, we are creating objective, subjective and positive paragraphs while beginning the book, "The Bomb". This book is about the creation of the Atomic Bomb during the time of Hitler.

Social Studies Spotlight

We begin our trip into the complex world of ancient Europe. We are learning about direct and representative democracy as well as the Roman Empire and ancient Greece.

At the end of the quarter, we will impress Mr. Anderson by correctly placing 49 European countries on the map.

Finally, we all three grades will compete in the Geography Bee in the third week of January.

Geography Bee

Join Team Justice as we cheer Brenna White on in the National Geographic Geography Bee. Students can compete to win a $50,000 scholarship! Go Brenna!

Mathematical Inspiration

This month in team justice (6th grade) math classes. There are four different types of math, Regular, Advanced, Honors, and Advanced Honors. In regular

math they are learning how to

  • work with: integers, coordinate drawings, absolute value, and ratios

  • we took part in a ratio scavenger hunt and figured out the color ratio in Froot Loops

In advanced math they are learning how to

  • use scale conversions, find the scale of the room and we just finished proportions, ratios and rates

  • we created a mystery map using proportions

In honors math:

  • we are in review mode of 6th and 7th grade standards

  • can use rates, ratios, scale and probability

And in the final math group advanced honors they are

  • Using rate, distance & time problems

  • Mixture problems

Clay Way Students

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready to Learn

Be Full of Pride

These are the Students of the Clay Way.

Congratulations!!! Job well done!

Big image

Team Justice Superheroes

All award winners were invited to a pizza lunch.

Students of the Quarter - Awesome examples of being a great student

Perseverance Award- Students that never quit and demonstrate effort in the classroom.

Straight A Award- All A's (A- not included)

Ms. Hunt

Please welcome Ms. Hunt to Team Justice!!

She will be taking over Mrs. Kovach's classes during her absence. She was able to shadow Mrs. Kovach before she left and got to know the team quite well.

Green Team is here!

The Green Team, will meet every other Wednesday and during select Core + classes this semester. We will be working to make the school greener through recycling, conservancy and education. Our first task will be to come up with a slogan and create posters and signs for classrooms. Hope to see you there!

A note from the Cafeteria~

Secondary students may charge up to 1 (one) meal. It is a parent’s responsibility to see that their child has a home packed lunch, cash/check or money in their lunch account. Mypaymentsplus offers features including auto-pay and low-balance alerts that are easy to set up and can help make sure your students lunch account does not fall into the negative. Parents are welcome to call Amy Glover (Cafeteria Manager) with any questions or concerns at 844-7251 X6755.” mypaymentsplus.com and information regarding this is on our website. Just click on “Food Service.”