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Social media is a great part of our world today meaningless in a good and bad way. We’ve uncovered the way social media has had an impact on our world. One of the first social media movements that was furthered by social media was when the book “To write love on her arms” was exploited tell the story of a young girl and her drug abuse habits. Might be aware of the “Michael brown case” almost immediately after Brown’s deaths two of the most used social media sites (twitter and Facebook) exploded with several hashtags supporting Browns case. We have discovered that most people are referred to the term as slacktivism, regarding to supporting a cause only by tweeting or posting about it but not really having any impact such as helping improve the situation. That brings us to Social justice. Social justice is the obligation of any person who thinks he or she can examine society and try to change and fight or it no matter the obstacles. Social justice is more on the lines of equalize and the process less of the outcome. My biggest issues on social justice as of now is based off religion. When gay marriage was legalized last year (2015) social media site Facebook allowed people to change their profile picture to a tint of a rainbow to support the legalization. Twitter allowed people who use their site to tweet #LoveWins and a rainbow filled heart would appear next to the hashtag. My biggest issues with that is the true meaning of marriage since biblical times reference to marriage is supposed to be of one man and one woman. Including the whole process is done typically in a church, the whole conclusion of the situation is degrading on the outlook on what marriage is supposed to mean. Social media is used to exploit social justice which as you can see isn’t always justice in the eyes of everyone.

Super Bowl ad.

Kia in its 2016 Super bowl commercial, designed a setting of man getting ready for his day when he proceed to his walk in closet, a visualization of his closet was one solid color ( beige) representing his life had no excitement , Kia trying to explain the good their car will bring to peoples life and image.

Kia explained their commercial by introducing a man (Richard) looking for beige socks located in his blended walk in closet, Secondly Kia brings in actor Christopher Walken inside Richards closet attacking him with the comparison of people content to blend in (Him) and people Who expect more, Lastly after Walken convinced Richard he should be of a person who expects more, Kia introduces their New 2016 Kia Optima.

Kia uses Richards Beige socks and beige blended closet to represent how he is of a person who is “content to blend in”, Kia also uses a Polka dotted sock to symbolize people who “want more” and has more “pizzazz”, Lastly Kia Uses their new 2016 Kia Optima to present an object that would make Richard to seem like someone with an exciting life that has pizzazz referring their car as “The world’s most exciting pair of socks” to attempt him to purchase their car.

Kia’s ostensible audience is people with boring, “Content to blend” lives with no excitement, doing this by first targeting Richard who appears to have that life and secondly by portraying the image of their car as new and exciting, But not that is not Kias only target, their also trying to catch people who live exciting life’s with pizzazz, knowing if their car is portrayed as that their eyes too will be caught, Kia does this by using an aggressive, persuasive tone.

2016 Kia Optima | Walken Closet “Big Game” Ad

Uncontrollably Controlled

In this seem to be simple but very meaningful passage when the author says “They grew up in the gutters” He’s explaining the life around Winston’s but overall the life of a prole. When the author mentions; “they went to work at twelve, they passed through a brief blossoming period of beauty and sexual desire,” he’s explaining how the people started working at very young ages, they did not get to focus or enjoy the “teenage life”, they did not get to run wild, or enjoy the growing process of becoming older and older. When a young child ages they experience trials and tribulations that develops them into their particular personality and/or character, The Children of Oceana went straight to working for big brother and their dystopian country. This was “Big Brothers” way of keeping in control, if they could not explore and grow properly that puts up a blockage wall for their mind limiting them of certain knowledge, in a way controlling not only how much they know but how much they can do, Because if you do not know about something then how can you do what you do not know? “They married at twenty, they were middle-aged at thirty, they died, for the most part at sixty” , By this the passage is saying that the people of Oceania got married at the young age of twenty , typically before their life has really even started . “Big brother” did not want their life to “start” though again putting a hold of what they can get into what the proles could explore; Parents or even really anyone say “Do not get married at a young age, you still have so much to accomplish and explore..” , that’s exactly “Big Brother’s” goal , limiting. But not only that this quote is explain the cycle of a prole, used to breed and work and then die off. Next quote mentioning “Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and, above all, gambling filled up the horizons of their minds.” Heavy Physical work is to tire the proles out, if a person has no energy to get into something then that’s exactly what will happen they won’t get into things. “The Work of home and children” as said before marriage but also kids makes you put a hold on your life , you can no longer do what you want to do or live how you want you now have children to focus on raising and a house hold to manage, just as “big brother” wants . Lastly exposing “Big Brother’s” intentions “petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and, above all, gambling filled up the horizons of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” This hits home with our one and only country, as we know our government tells us lies, such as “big brother” does, we have things like football, beer and gambling for sure that keeps us occupied. All these things and way of living is to keep the proles distracted, and has now has reverted to a life style that has appeared to be normal to them.

Political Truth or false ?

Big image

Donald Trump

Marco Rubio "has the No. 1 absentee record in the United States" Senate.

In a heated exchange, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized rival Sen. “This guy has the No. 1 absentee record in the United States (Senate), he doesn't show up to vote," Trump said at the March 3 Fox News debate in Detroit.

Marco Rubio of Florida for his Senate voting record. Rubio’s absentee rate of 41 percent puts him at the 100th percentile, which means that in the past year, he has had a worse voting record than every other sitting senator. In contrast, the Senate median absentee record for the past year is just 1 percent.

He’s accurate if we look at the number of votes missed this past year. In that time frame, Rubio has missed a higher percentage of votes than any other senator, including those running against him.

In my opinion, okay the statement is true but it doesn’t seem relevant, there was no point in mentioning that at all.

Hilary Clinton

When Honduran children came into this country, "Secretary Clinton said send them back."

Clinton gave to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in June 2014. We looked at the full exchange about what the United States should do with the children.

Amanpour: "Should they be able to stay here? It's safer."

Clinton: "Well -- it may be safer but that's not the answer. I do not -- "

Amanpour: "Should they be sent back?"

Clinton: "Well, first of all, we have to provide the best emergency care we can provide. We have children 5 and 6 years old who have come up from Central America. We need to do more to provide border security in southern Mexico."

Amanpour: "So, you're saying they should be sent back now?"

Clinton: "Well, they should be sent back as soon as it can be determined who responsible adults in their families are, because there are concerns whether all of them should be sent back. But I think all of them who can be should be reunited with their families."

Clinton later soften her comment by switching it to "I think all of them who can be should be reunited with their families,"

To me say what you mean and mean what you say , especially in her position running for president you know people are watching and going to try and switch your words and by you later switching your words makes you seem unstable and there’s not excuse because her husband has ran she knows how all of this works.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: 'I always opposed the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)'

At an event in Iowa on Nov. 20, 2015, Cruz said he would not support it.

"There are a number of Republicans on that (debate) stage who support TPP, who support (the Trade Promotion Authority)," Cruz said. "I voted against TPA, and I intend to vote against TPP."

You must know:

Trade Promotion Authority is legislation that allows the president to negotiate a trade treaty with only an up-or-down vote on the final package in the Senate. The TPA was a key precursor to passage of the TPP. Cruz initially voted in favor of the TPA bill in the Senate.

I don’t think the TPA bill is wrong it should be a majority rules vote , but I’m sure Mr.Cruz of course would want that out if he was president gives him more power , overall that’s what each president wants is to control things , that’s exactly what the position is.

A rebellion against slavery

Nat Turner's Rebellion

Slavery was a point in history full of unnecessary acts towards African Americans often owned by a “master” which was typically the head of the house hold and male. The slaves were forced to do anything they were told most common activities were working in the fields tending whatever crops were being grown. There was also house slaves that stayed in the home tending to any chores and often slept on the floor at the foot of their owners bed in case the owner needed anything in the middle of the night.

If the slaves did not do as they were told , did something incorrect or even did nothing at all was beaten with whips and other cruel punishment some were even rapped .As you must think some slaves had to get tired of this treatment , And that's correct some even rebelled.

On August 22, 1831, in Southampton County, VA Turner and about 70 armed slaves and free blacks set off to slaughter the white neighbors who enslaved them. Turner first begin with his mater, his master’s wife and children with axes. By the end of the day after Turner and the rebellions that had joined him, had attacked as many as 15 homes murdering between 55 and 60 whites. Turner and the other rebellions moved toward Jerusalem, VA , As they moved that way other salves planned to join them but turned against Turners plan due to white militia who were beginning to attack Turners rebellions in fear that Turner was bound for failure. Most of the rebels were captured quickly but Turner continued on his authority for more than a month.

On Sunday, Oct. 30 a local white male discovered Turner’s hide out and took hold of him. November 5th a special Virginia court tried him and gave him a sentenced him to be hanged 6 days later. Very disturbing Scene followed after Turner’s hanging, the whites that were furious of Turners acts of rebellion skinned his body and made distributed parts as souvenirs, putting his remains in grease. Turners head was removed from his body and was stored for some time in the biology department of Wooster College in Ohio. It’s been told that pieces of Turners body not excluding his skull and including a purse made from his skin has been preserved and is still hidden in storage somewhere.

As for Turners fellow rebels, 21 of them went to the gallows and 16 were sold away from the region. As a result the state created unpleasantly rough laws controlling black people, therefore many blacks that were free fled the state of Virginia for good. As to be said the most like-able reason that Turner had fellow blacks join him was because “Nat Turner impressed family and friends with an unusual sense of purpose, even as a child. Driven by prophetic visions and joined by a host of followers”.

What made Turner so powerful is that for one back in those days rebellion wasn’t likely , it was a brave act , he was determined and he was going to do what he had planned regardless who was with him as his followers fell off he still continued .

Turner slave rebellion was the only effective, sustained in U.S. history. Spreading terror throughout the white South, his action set off a new wave of oppressive legislation prohibiting the education, movement, and assembly of slaves and stiffened pro-slavery, anti-abolitionist convictions that persisted in that region until the American Civil War (Nat Turner-Black History Channel).

2016 Mrs.Hicks LA class

I didn’t finish my media literacy entry, but I remember my first opinion was something around thinking it was reading what our media put out. I would have to say that now I believe media literacy is exactly what this class is. We focus on the government and our world what’s going on in it and we articulate it. My most valuable learning experience in this class is learning how to think, extending how I think and thinking outside the box. Because of the things I’ve learned from this class I can now articulate almost everything, see the true meaning of what I’m reading or watching. I have even surprised myself at what I could understanding and not trying to talk down on my class mates but how much I understand more than some students. I have never had someone make me realize what I was capable of doing. Before this class, not saying I’m a genius but never have I realized how smart I am or at least in this particular subject. I’ve always liked LA just never understood why and after taking this class I’m fully aware of why. I appreciate Mrs.Hicks LA class more than any I have ever taken. I have never learned so much in a class and when I say that I mean actually learn, know and understand and appreciate what I’ve been taught, I know very much that this class will help me in my future. If there was anything I could change in this class would be nothing the only thing I would request is more discussion not because the ones we had wasn’t great because I enjoyed them very much , I love talking for one but actually dissecting things to the extent of there is no way you couldn’t understand the topic.

Technology taken too far

In Prince Ea’s message in “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity.” He made a very interesting statement “We have an unhealthy relationship with our technology; instead of what it was originally designed for, it has more than often led us to become disconnected with the world and the people around us. What can you do to ensure this doesn’t become a permanent reality?” I believe what he is saying has a good point and can be very true. But I also believe this habit we have created is a little “way too deep” as in this problem is a little too late to work on. Maybe a decade ago we had a better chance of stopping this depth in connection but now everything is technology, not just phones and computers but our government has even condoned by making school state testing online instead of when I was in school on paper, I mean I am even typing this now instead of where 7 years ago I would be writing it on paper. As our world continues to develop so does technology. There are some people mainly older but that doesn’t even condone into the new technology that’s came out , yes it leaves them out on something’s but they have everything they need such as a basic “flip phones” they call people on ,so not everybody is addicted . It would be easier for people older to let go of this addiction but as for the generations to come they are being brought up in the mist of it all. If there was a way to make a change and prevent this becoming further I personally would just have to raise my kid differently in my household but there is only so much I could do due to the schools constantly using technology now and jobs and most places and I wouldn’t want my kid to feel a certain way because all their friends had all the new technologies, later when grown it would probably create an even more deep addiction. But as far as the world making a change I think everyone would have to realize that the most damage that could happen is humans being replaced by technical gadgets. This is already in the process of taken place and then people would be out of jobs and economy would quickly be destroyed. If people could see the bigger picture I believe this issue would be resolved.