Knick Knack

By: Jaden Blan


characters: snowman, Barbie,

Setting: 1989 six years before toy story.!

Worm weather people, and winter weather people.!!

Movie moment

He was willing to blow his home up for the Barbie girl.


He can't get out of the globe to get the girl.

This is person v. Self, because he wants bikini girl but he is stuck in the globe.

Rising action.!!

Event one: he tries to get out if the snow globe,

Event two: he tries to hammer and chisel his way out,

Event three: the he tries to weld and blows it up.


He falls off the shelf and climbs out the exit door and sees an other Barbie girl.!!

Falling action.!

Event one,:he starts walking to the mermaid,

Event two: the snow globe fall on the snowman.


He is stuck again and can't get the mermaid Barbie girl.