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  • they had different amount of followers
  • they had different holiday
  • they had different places to worship.
  • they had different symbols to represent themselves

Similarities of the three Monotheistic Religions

all have over a couple million followers

all believe in god

all have one holy book


2 billion followers

Founder Jesus Christ

festivals Christmas


Founder : Muhammad

Followers: 2 million

Beliefs: one true god, pray 5 times give money to charity s fasting


13 million followers

Place of worship: synagogues

Founder: moses


900 million followers

believes that life is a cycle of birth,death,and rebirth

there god is named brahman


376 million followers

there is no god

five moral precepts no harming living things and no drugs or drinking or gossip also sexual misconduct or talking out of turn

Basic Beliefs of Islam
Basic Christian Beliefs