Cri du Chat

By: Peyton Edinger

Background Information

Cri du Chat is a rare disorder when chromosome 5 is either missing or deleted. Chromosome 5 holds instructions on how to make proteins. This disorder was discovered by Jerome Lejeune in 1963.


Cri du Chat symptoms vary, some are more serious than others. A newborn usually has low birth weight, especially in the head. The muscle tone is very poor and isn't very useful for most of the children. Once the children mature, they will most likely have some sleep issues that lack sleep. Another side effect that might cause this disorder is that they will sound like a cat whenever they cry.

How is Cri du Chat Inherited?

The deletion on Chromosome 5 is caused by the break in a DNA molecule. It usually occurs within the sperm or egg cell. Some parents may not have the syndrome, but it is how the cell is passed on. But, it is possible that if the parent has the disorder it can be given to the child as well. Breaking in the cells are very rare, so there is about a 10-15% that a child will be diagnosed with this disorder.


The treatment is directed toward whatever symptoms the individual will be having. Many of the people are put into therapy to help them with what they are going through. The therapy will increase their education and they will learn how to control some of their behavior. There is no specific treatment, but therapy can help them practice.

Support Groups

The 5p- Society is helping the individuals with Cri du Chat and also families. This support group raises money almost every month for the families with Cri du Chat. They set up 5k's and much more! Approximately 50 to 60 children are born with this disorder every year, so the 5p- Society enjoys helping the people in need.