Trisha Kauzlarich

Applicant for ESL Support Liaison

Thank you for getting to know me

I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday and your consideration for me for this new position. I am very excited about what you are creating with this position and the lead that your district is taking in ESL education. I hope that I left you feeling confident that I have a lot to offer and just wanted to reiterate how I got to where I am now and what I have to offer.

I was born with a passion and drive for learning so naturally, I was driven to serve in the field of education. As a teacher, I was quickly noticed for my commitment to excellence and was chosen to lead our campus as an Achievement Specialist. It didn't take long for me to incorporate innovative ideas and strategies to facilitate learning for my students. I became a mentor for new teachers and an example in the district for creating engaging, student centered learning. I serve on the campuses and district as a part of their leadership teams and began to pursue a more active role in Curriculum and Instruction when I was encouraged to join the ESL team. I have always had a strong connection with students of special population groups and I realized that serving them was my calling. I currently serve as an LPAC Facilitator which is very similar to the ESL Support Liaison position.

I feel that this position is a perfect fit for me and it integrates the two aspects of education that I have been most passionate about- Curriculum Development and working with ESL.

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What I have to offer for this position...

  • I am very meticulous, detail oriented, and analytical (good for ensuring proper LPAC documentation)
  • I have great initiative and enjoy the challenge of problem solving
  • I have had access to many different versions of LPAC records from many districts (allows me to be able to discern what are examples of good/ not so good record keeping)
  • Extensive work with at risk and LTEL populations
  • Multi-cultural experiences (living overseas in South Korea and Hawaii) gave me the ability to build rapport easily with a variety of cultures.
  • Some knowledge in Spanish and Korean (your two greatest ESL populations)
  • Science/ STEM knowledge is a unique perspective that integrates many other subjects that traditionally struggle with ESL support (currently participate in the TRC/STEM program as a Science Teacher Mentor)
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I have used Blabberize to summarize some key compliments from my letters of recommendation. This is an app that integrates technology, creativity, and gives ELLs a voice to build confidence

My Education Philosophy.........the video below sums it up

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I make a difference through....

ELLs should be taught using a wholistic approach to address all their needs...

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How do I Inspire Teachers?

Click here for "Why change" by Trisha Kauzlarich

Inspired by a video I saw on TED talks + using Prezi, I created a district training presented to teachers on the need for change.....

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Passing it on

I like to think I am as smart as Einstein.... but what good is all that knowledge if you can't pass it on! I strive to continually learn and grow through professional development and I enthusiastically bring back the information I learn to help inspire better teachers.

Trainings I have been to this year for ESL:

  • LPAC Framework
  • ELLs and Special Education Issues
  • ELLs and RTI
  • Metacognitive strategies for the ELL
  • LPAC Decision Making for State Assessments
  • Lost in Translation
  • ELL Administrators Conference- Legal Update
  • Instructional Strategies to teach Science to ESL/ELL students
  • Enhancing Science Vocabulary for ESL Learners
  • Word Walls to teach ELLs: Vocabulary and Writing