East Africa

By: Kasee Ellison

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Five Countries & Cities In Eastern Africa

1. Addis Ababa / Ethiopia

2. Antananarivo / Madagascar

3. Nairobi / Kenya

4. Harare / Zimbabwe

5. Djibouti / Djibouti City

East African Landscape

Eastern Africa has a coastal marine type of landscape. There are a lot of diverse ecosystems. It has great wildlife, precious resources, and the great Mountain Kilimanjaro. There is more being discovered. The landscape has more of a forest type feel to it.
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Eastern Africa is rather atypical of the equatorial regions. Overall, the area is a cool and dry for its latitude.

Three Natural Resources

Some natural resources in Eastern Africa are; coal, natural gas, gold, bauxite, iron ore, salt, platinum, etc.

Three Economic Activities

Economic activities involve farming, mining, manufacturing, fishing, transportation, and trade. These activities are major in East Africa.
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Physical Features in Eastern Africa

Ruvuma River - is a river in east Africa and it is between Tanzania & Mozambique

Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest mountain in Africa

Horn of Africa - A part of the continent that looks like a "horn/sharp" shape

Lake Victoria - A great lake named after a queen

Rift Valley - where the earth's crust stretches until it cracks

Tourist Attractions

Serengeti National Park is a big tourist attraction because of the wildlife.

Queen Victoria is one of the great lakes, and it's so famous because it was named after a queen.

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Some bad things about traveling is the cost. There is not any wars or conflict, but you can get sick.


What i really liked about this region were the physical features. They stuck out the most to me. I liked how this area can have so many things to it. It makes Africa look more diverse and creative.
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