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MD001 - The first step in your journey

First thing to do is to start with MD001. MD 001 is an introduction to the core attributes of an IBM leader and manager. You will have an opportunity to self assess your capability in each leadership attribute and be provided with a customized development plan.
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Experience is the best teacher

As you invest time in formal learning, make sure that you complement the theory, with real-life application and work enabled learning:

1. Talk to your manager to work on how to expose you to more leadership roles in your current work.
2. Invest in your network and aim to enlarge it and diversify it. IBM'ers are unusually friendly and open, use Connections to help improve your exposure and personal/social eminence.
3. Try to do a job shadow with people from other area's of business to enlarge your knowledge about the company and the roles that are out there.
4. Interview managers and leaders who you know and who your manager can connect you with, to grow your network strategically, but also to understand how they lead, how they manage and what you can learn from them. Write a blog to keep track of what you are learning.
5. As you do that, you may meet someone who could be a good mentor for you. Consider what you want from a mentor and be clear about your "ask"; don't commit to mentoring as a "task", only do so if you see it will benefit you in the short or medium term. click for more on mentoring.
6. Volunteer: for activities and projects outside your current role.

Set check points with your manager

To advise him or her on your progress and what you are learning.
These reflection sessions help you to cement your learning, and act as a great reminder to your manager about best practices they should be doing!