Therapeutic Escape

Come and chase your worries away

Final Destination: Complete Relaxation

Here at Therapeutic Escape we provide several diffrent types of massage that will lead you to total relaxtion: with massages like: Basic Swedish, Hot and cold stone thereapy, Prenatal Massage, Chinese cupping therapy, Hydrotherapy, deep tissue as well as crainosacral. Massage has tremedous benefits on several diffrent levels. We heal people through our touch as we interact and relax the muscles and structures of the body.

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Open Hours:

Monday : 10am - 6pm

Tuesday : 9am- 4pm

Wednesday:9am- 5pm

Thursday:9am- 5pm

Friday:9am- 3pm

Saturday: 9am- 12am

* Earlier or later times then normal open hours are available with appointment only

** Walk ins are welcome but there is no guarantee that there is a spot open